There’s a new patch for Fortnite, with plenty of juicy fruit (literally) as well as a brand new Limited Time Mode – the Floor is Lava.

Assuming that you didn’t burst forth from existence as a full grown adult (although a few of you surely did), you may remember the Floor is Lava game from when you were a child. Basically, the floor is lava, and if you touch it, you die.

This premise carries over into Fortnite. The volcano is gradually filling the map with lava, and it will rise higher and higher until there’s nothing left by the bubbly red stuff. If you touch it, you’ll take damage and blast off into the air. Fortunately, though, you can build on the lava, and the game will regularly provide you with resources to help make surviving on the lava a bit easier when it’s all that’s left.

There are also new items to consume, bananas, peppers, and coconuts. “Regenerate health and zoom around after taking a bite from a Pepper, heal up with a tasty Banana, or relax with a Coconut to gain health/shields,” as Epic has stated so eloquently.

There’s also a new poison dart trap, as well as the expected assortment of changes and updates. Check the patch notes for more.

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