Thanos once again returns to Fortnite: Battle Royale, but he’s not alone this time. His Chitauri warriors join him. What are you, a lowly person with a pickaxe, going to do to stop him from finding all six infinity stones and, you know, snapping his fingers?

Aside from dying horribly, you’re going to be able to find and equip various Avengers items to take the fight to Thanos. In the trailer, you can spot Cap’s Shield, Iron Man’s gauntlets, Hawkeye’s bow (which, admittedly, just looks like a bow), as well as Thor’s Stormbreaker (you’d never be able to pick up his hammer, so don’t ask). You’ll have to dive into the game yourself and search thoroughly if there are any other items to find.

By participating in the limited time event, though, you can earn yourself a Quinjet glider, as well as Black Widow items.

Check out the official page for a little more.

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