This week, Fortnite turns 1, and if you think about it, if a child had as much success after just 1 year that Fortnite has, you’d probably want to slap a cape on him or her and have them go fight crime.

On the Battle Royale end, there’s a new set of Birthday challenges. Complete all three (which include playing matches, dealing damage, and dancing in front of cake) and you’ll be rewarded with a special Cake back bling.

Also included in patch 5.10 is the return of Playground Mode. Get ready to play all over the ground tomorrow, July 25th, and there’s a new weapon as well, the compact SMG. It’s got a high ammo capacity and a ridiculous rate of fire. Just don’t expect to snipe anyone from across the map with it.

To read the full patch notes, including the Save the World additions, head over to the main site.

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