Conveniently called Patch 5.0, Season 5 for Fortnite is now live, bringing plenty of changes to the Battle Royale map (with even more to come).

To bring you up to speed, a rift recently appeared over the Lonely Lodge, causing all sorts of mayhem to the map. Moisty Mire is now significantly less moist, and there’s no a bit of desert terrain there, along with a new outpost. There’s also a viking ship on the map now, and ancient statues have started to appear.

There’s a new vehicle, too, the All Terrain Kart. The golf cart sits 4, and unlike the shopping cart, actually has an engine. On the patch side of things, Shotguns have received a rework so they’re not quite so dominating.

For a full look at the patch notes, head on over to the main page.

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