Overwatch’s very own cybernetic ninja, Genji, has double jumped, wall-ran, and dashed his way into the Nexus. Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is right around the corner, and already Genji is playable on the PTR.

His kit seems intact, too, mirroring his Overwatch doppelganger quite well. He can toss Shurikens, Deflect attacks and deal damage to enemies in the process, and of course, he has his Swift Strike, a dash that refunds mana and resets the cooldown if an enemy hero dies within 2 seconds of being swiftly struck.

One of his ultimates, Dragonblade, carries over from Overwatch, allowing Genji to slice up enemies for 8 seconds. His other ultimate, X-strike, is new to Heroes of the Storm and allows Genji to perform two slashes, which then explode.

You can check out his hero page on the official site for more details on his abilities, or you can just hop onto the Heroes 2.0 PTR to check him out for yourself.

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