has released a new CGI trailer for Revelation Online. 4 and a half minutes of celebrating the game’s Spiritlifter class. She lifts not only spirits, but also health pools out of dangerous territories, and the CGI trailer itself does pretty well to pluck away at those heart strings.

The trailer serves another purpose, too: to usher in the next closed beta test, numero tres.

That begins in just over a week, on January 19th and will increase the game’s level cap to 69, and add stuff for players 49 or higher to do, including new dungeons,  missions, events, a 3v3 ranked arena, death match, and more.

And anyone who participated in the 1st or 2nd closed beta should be happy to hear that their characters will carry over.

Check out the official announcement for more information and a link to a Facebook contest to win a key

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