Yesterday Netease and released a new trailer, plus some details, for their upcoming MMO, Revelation Online.

PvP in Revelation online doesn’t begin until level 40, but once you’re there, you can go hog wild on anyone above that level, but PvP doesn’t come without a penalty for ganking willy-nilly. If you attack someone, and they don’t fight back, you’ll be stricken with some fairly harsh repercussions, such as losing durability on items, or maybe even some currency (such as gold). All you have to do to declare yourself uninterested in PvP is to active Peace mode. That way anyone who’s PvP flagged (Slaughter mode) will know that you just want a peaceful leveling experience.

World PvP is only part of the experience, though. Don’t forget about Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Guild Wars:

Arenas are an essential part of PvP. Revelation Online is no exception. Brawl for bragging rights in 3vs3 or last-man-standing arenas and be well rewarded with fame and powerful equipment that will aid you in battle.

Battlegrounds: Fight enemy players in 10v10, 20v20, or 30v30 battlegrounds! From “Capture the flag” to “Warfare” – there is something for everyone.

Guild Wars: Team up with your guild mates and fight opponent guilds in instanced areas. Get ready for 30vs30 or 50vs50 battles and soar up the leader board.

Lastly, there are Sieges. controllable areas throughout the world built specifically for PvP. While enemy players will definitely stand in your way of capture these castles and fortresses, other elements will also stand in your way. You can even find some of these Sieges up in the air.

Read more about PvP in Revelation Online at the official site.

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