Of course, the main draw of Dauntless is downing behemoth beasts, a herculean task in and of itself, but you’re not killing these monsters for the sole fun of it (although I’m sure that plays a significant part). There’s loot, too!

Lore-wise, Aether, which makes the land-masses in Dauntless float, also gave birth to the behemoths, and you – the intrepid slayer that you are – use this aether to help you get a leg up against the beasts. With each kill, you gather horns, and tails, and armor plates all infused with Aether. The behemoths themselves give it off, too, when they die. It’s big aether fiesta, perfect for crafting new gear.

Crafting also ties into Dauntless’s monetization. You can buy boosts to increase the drop rates of crafting materials. These boosts come in two varieties: champion and patron. Champion boosts affect only you, and patron boosts affect your entire party – and they stack. If you’ve got a group of friends, all with patron status, you’ll be raking in the crafting materials. Patron status also gives you a chance to find cosmetic items when killing a behemoth, which otherwise would only be found in chroma cores.

You can read more about loot right over here.

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