Gigantic’s most recent update, Season of Souls, is now live, and it’s fair to say – in the proper Halloween spirit – that the update is more than a little spooky.

The new hero, Ezren Ghal, is a necromancer that steals the souls of his opponents and then turns them back against them in combat.

While the new hero is spooky enough on his own right, when you couple him with the game’s new map, Ember Grove, he’s downright spookier. This dense and mysterious forest is inhabited by towers timbers, magical mushrooms, and bugwitch¬†bungalows.

The update also introduces customizable profile icons, a few new skins, and a Grim Repertoire Bundle, which has a bunch of Season of Souls exclusive content, including three skins and a couple boosts.

You can peruse the patch notes yourself on the official site.

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