Gigantic has just expanded a bit more with its latest update, Into Solitude. The patch unleashes Rutger unto unsuspecting players. He’s an armored tank hero who packs a melee wallop. To help him slip a little more comfortably into his tank role, he comes equipped with a restorative shield that helps him to mitigate damage.

The patch also brings some new skins, as well as a skin & hero pack to the store, which just so happens to also include the new creature, Stone Cerberus, which should be available next week on the 19th. A week later and the second creature, Riftborn Cyclops, will roll out.

Other than that, there’s the usual bevy of balance changes to the classes, as well as some tweaks to the battlegrounds.

You can read about all that (and more) via the official site’s patch notes.

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