Motiga’s team-based shooter (that isn’t quite a MOBA), Gigantic, has launched today on PC and Xbox One, including a nifty Steam version. But you can also find it on the Windows store, the Arc launcher, as well as the Xbox One store.

Like any good launch, there’s also a nifty update to coincide. Gigantic welcomes its 19th hero, Ramsay, who wields a big sword. The patch also revamps text chat and adds some new packs to the store.

And depending on which platform you play on, you can unlock some nifty cosmetics. Play on Steam and get a Stone Relics skin for Beckett. Arc players will receive a Lightning skin for Tripp, and Xbox One and Windows 10 players will get an Excelsior skin for Tyto the Swift.

All’s you gotta do to receive one of the aforementioned skins is to play a round on the respective platform.


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