Gigantic has had quite the gigantic ( and quite tumultuous) development. In February, layoffs hit Motiga, painting a dark future for the MOBA-esq game, but in May, ARC (Perfect World) swooped in to save it from an early demise.

Now, some months later, the game’s on the verge of an open beta, and seemingly, a release. You can sign up now and choose a platform preference, but fear not if you’re not sure which of your friends to play with. Gigantic features cross-play between the Xbox and the PC. So no matter where you go, there you are. There’s no NDA, either, so feel free to stream.

Open Beta-ers will be granted four heroes (Aisling, Charnok, HK-206 and Uncle Sven), and another four of the sixteen total heroes will unlock randomly for each player. Oh, and there will be three maps available.

And if you have signed up, there’s a chance you’ll make it into the last closed beta event this weekend.

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