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  1. This is complete bullshit, just got the email came to signup, giveaway already happened; this is EXACTLY why I closed my account with Gofobo...!
  2. Hey morons, you sent me the details of a contest on April 18th when the winners were chosen on April 4th. Nailed it guys. DO you actually get paid to do what you do?
  3. MingLee
    I like how some people that won made reviews of 2 phrases and people who wrote reviews with more than 5 paragraphs don't get anything. Goes to show that the winners are random and nobody actually read the reviews.
    1. Okay SO Further looking into this I noticed the Steam Key was for a F*cking Demo of a sh*t game. Welp without an apology this is the last time I come to this site.
    2. Okay, dude chill I wrote a good handful of reviews on games that I did play. And luckily I won a game being X-Blades a old 2009 Anime Hack and Slash which is kinda well disappointing and not anything I like. I had shared my Steam account and non of my wishlist was looked at even though there are games on there for half the price of this :/
      1. Okay SO Further looking into this I noticed the Steam Key was for a F*cking Demo of a sh*t game. Welp without an apology this is the last time I come to this site.
    3. Xencur
      Winners are not random... Check mine and you'll see. Also if you wrote your reviews here then it will not work. Please read the giveaway rules: You must write your review on the game page. They also gave away the link called: Free to play online games. This is my second time, first I didn't won anything but that's okay. Second time is the charm lol. I won Mortal Combat X Platinum Edition w/ All DLC.
  4. MingLee
    Well I kinda screwed up. I just noticed that I had to subscribe to your newsletter to enter the contest. I did subscribe right now but I have a feeling it won't work anymore. I even wrote like a 6 paragraphs review ;_; FeelsBadMan
  5. I think Orcs Must Die Unchained defo is a good game .... Anyone else tried it. I also played the previous OMD games but i always had difficulties that the coop was with small groups, now you can play it with 5! ... If u haven't checked it out yet .... go check it on steam!
  6. I've been playing League Of Legends for the past 2 years and I'm getting bored of it. My friends left LOL to play other games. I need more steam games to play since I've played most. I'd just sleep all day than play games now.
  7. I like playing games like brawlhalla and others why I want to win this competition, to have more games to play like I give a game peudo my friends, etc, thanks for reading my post and opinion
  8. Hello,my first review is about loving to play rpg special i'd like to say about dungeon siege2 for example and amazing game for me.. so iwould recommend this game to anyone who loves to play a good rpg game.
  9. I play Warframe, Payday 2 and I love Steam platform, but I'm interessed by Just Cause 3, ARK, The Division and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege ^^
  10. I both like f2p and p2p games as long they're fun and enjoying. I play f2p games like DOTA2, League of Legends, Bright Shadow (GAME CLOSED), Soul Captor, Hearthstone, and etc.. All of these games are fun and even though they're free we need to support the game for it to last longer and keep the servers running. I both play and support these games but most people abuse the f2p games and make the game close faster.
  11. I play a little game named Dota 2 ,first it is a moba ( massive multiplayer battle arena , the game has no story or any use of it , there is lore and if you are interesting there are a lot of interesting things you can find about the character you play . Ok so first of all the game is very hard and punishing it has little mercy for player especially for the new ones , the game is set up like the original , 1 arena ,2 teams, 3 lanes, 5 player . The game has no variety in game mods , if you don't consider the custom game , so you will do the same thing over and over but every hero ( over 100 heroes ) plays differently and whit every hero you can play different styles , the objective of the game is to outsmart or out power the opposite team and destroy there ancient , but the ancient is protected by towers that are on all 3 lanes , you will have to destroy all the tower on 1 lane consecutive so you can even attack the enemy ancient , but at the start you will not have the power to tack on 1 tower , you will die fast , to destroy the tower there are a wave of minions that will take the damage for you but the other team will have minions to , so you will have to kill the enemy minions fast so you don't lose all your minions , killing a minion grants you gold and exp so your hero can become stronger and gold to buy the items you need to overpower your opponent , but that sounds simple right ? but don't forget there are enemy heroes that have the same objective as you , and if you defeat an enemy hero you will be granted a significant amount of exp and gold and will stop the other hero from earning any gold or exp for a period, and the hero that falls in battle will be penalized and will lose a good amount of gold , so you will lose a lot if you fail . but you are not alone in this game you are encourage to play as a team you need help to reach your objective and need to help your team , i will not compliment the community much because it is very toxic community , there are good and helpful player but there are not enough player that will do there role and/or be polite , there are new player that leave the game fast because of that , i have seen player that were very bad at the game and it is absolutely ok , they need to learn not get insulted , another good thing is that all heroes are free so you have the possibility to try all of them and there are no advantages for any player , everyone is starting whit which here they want and will have no other stats from the beginning of the game , a new player can go 1v1 agents a veteran player and they equal chances to win , the cash-shop is complicity made out of cosmetics no stat changers and if you are lucky you can ever get skins for free at random at the end of the match . Ok to sum it up , it is a good game but little variety except the heroes that has very hard gameplay and very punishing , it's a game hard to learn and hard to master , a significant part of the community is quiet toxic , every player is equal and there an no bonuses to be bought except cosmetic skins that can be obtained if you play long enough. In my opinion it is a good game but it can be improved.
  12. I have played skyforge a free to play games. The graphics score 8/10 and gameplay score 8/10 is awesome, but player cannot trade the item in-game with other player, no auction house score 0/10, the player can only interact buy & sell the item with NPC score 1/10. It makes the game is not enjoyable to play. Overall the game is not worth it to play in long term.
  13. lavamaster5000
    I think several people have misread the instructions, so I will clarify- Write your review on the game on it's PAGE, not in the comment section. For all of you who commented, you may want to move any reviews you made to the games actual page.
  14. Well, my experience with f2p games is great. I can think of my most played games and those are Smite and TERA. I loved playing Blade&Soul, Path of Exile, Paladins, Warframe, League of Legends, DotA and because i didn't have my own money until this year it was really hard for me to play those games worth $15+ F2p is what kept me playing. Thanks for this opportunity, FmmoG.
  15. If you like action/third person shooters try Warframe (on steam). Warframe is easily one of the best F2P games around. It might take beginners a bit of time to start getting into the groove of the game, but once you do, you really do. With tight controls, gorgeous art design, and addictive mission types that range from the wholy defensive, to assassinations, to full-on ninja stealth, pvp and more, you'll find yourself lost in this game for hours at a time before you realize you've barely scratched the surface because this game not only has a tremendous amount of content, it is updated with more new characters, weapons, cosmetics, missions and quests on a regular basis.
  16. I recommend to try Path Of Exile if u didn't check it yet. This is probably one of the most in depth ARPGs I have ever played, and its free to play! The character customization in this game is absolutely crazy. The game may seem daunting at first with its unique currency system and absolutely huge skill tree but once you learn how these works you will get addicted to this game.
  17. I love to play a games like GTA , TES Skyrim , Battlefield 4 , but I miss one game in my collection I hope I can get a Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)
  18. I don't have soo much money to spend my money on PC Games soo i play some free to play games and it's really fun. But i want to try something new soo I'm entering this giveaway.. :-)
  19. My fave f2p game ? hard choice. It's a tossup betwen trove and rift, both trion games. If i was forced to decide, i would go with trove. what's not to like about soaring around on a dragon, and balsting blocks to bits. Recent changes to the game have made some players scream P2W but it's really not. everything (other than the patron only bonuses) can be obtained with a bit of time and hard work, which some people seem to have an issue with
  20. My Favorite F2P game is Tera Here's My Review n many ways, Tera is a whole lot like other massively multiplayer role-playing games. You team up with other players, fight monsters, level up, earn new gear, and so on. It is, in fact, a very traditional online fantasy adventure in most respects but one: its action. And that action is so smooth, so immediate, and so enjoyable that it's likely to keep you invested in Tera, even as you skip from one quest to the next, ferrying messages between characters standing 20 feet from each other. Generic questing aside, Tera is a well-executed game: it's easy on the eyes, smooth under the fingers, and remarkably stable.. Also It Is Action MMORPG Game Which Genre I Like Here's The Pros And The Cons >It has a few good things about it +Many servers, both for pve and pvp. +Pretty gorgeous looking. Its certainly not the BEST looking game I've ever played, but for the seer size of the world it ends up being pretty good looking. Character models honestly need some work. Especially the hair. Good lord. +Tying in with the above, I can't actually recall a "LAG" moment. I've had some FPS problems in the densest areas, fair enough, but never a moment where the game was just unplayable due to shit servers. Of course, my laptop is decently beefy. If you have a potato you're in the wrong place. +For an MMO, it has pretty good combat. Not the best. I'd take Vindictus' combat every day of the week and twice on Sundays. But its much better than many other MMOs. Your camera is fluid and follows your mouse without having to hold down one of the mouse buttons. (Like seriously. What is that garbage and why are so many fucking games so damn attached to it. Its an instant quit for me on every MMO I try. Get me out.) Your attacks are skillshots and you can very much miss. Its also fairly reactive. (Though the Sorcerer at least could use some work. If nothing else, I'd like her teleport to be attached to the arrow keys rather than the camera to minimize camera whip fuck ups. The Reaper has it! Why can't the Mage classes?) Almost every attack has some use. It's cash shop is...pretty fair. Maybe I'm just spoiled by it because I came from Vindictus and Nexon's utterly HORRID cash shop, but I've found prices to be pretty fair. Hell, 30$ for an account-wide mount that will never go away and can be reused on every single character ever? Good looking mounts at that? Fuck, take my money. Nexon would charge more for a single untradable costume that might not even have a piece for every body slot. >But Tera also has it's bad -At the moment of this writing, at least two classes are either race or gender locked. The Reaper is Elin Exclusive - Which also means female exclusive since Elins are female only. The Arcane Engineer - And if anyone actually calls it the gunner please leave - is restricted to female High Elves and Castanics. Other than the Reaper, I don't really feel this is that big of a deal, but I know a lot of guys - for whatever reason - refuse to play female classes. I don't really see the point or why you would limit your own fun, but to each their own. (I was guilty of it with Mass Effect after all, but that was literally it.) -The utter lack of character customization. You can get a pretty unique face, but thats it. Theres no height slider. Theres no body customization in the slightest. You can't make yourself fat or more muscular or give yourself bigger (or smaller) boobs or butt or anything of the sort. Its your face and thats it, and even then, you can't even change your damn eye color without it being attached to make-up. There are also a very limited number of (very bland and badly done) hairstyles and hair colors. This is the one area of the game aesthetics-wise that I found completely and utterly lacking. I don't ask for Black Desert in every game, but in an MMO I expect at least SOME options. -The grind is pretty bad. It feels a LOT better than it did two years ago (or whenever I quit the first time) but that just may be wishful thinking. Time will tell. Thankfully, I'm playing with three friends so the grind is a lot more bearable than it was the first time I played. Seriously, if you can get friends to play with, do so. -The story is entirely forgettable. In MMOs and RPGs, I usually end up reading through everything and watching every cutscene the first time I play. If I like it enough, I'll watch it each and every time. I had (I think) 27 Mass Effect 2 playthroughs at least and I watched and read everything on every single one. Thats All Of My Review I Hope I Can Get 1 of those 30 Games ^_^ Lel >_<
    1. Can i Reviewing more than 1 games ?? i wanna review Elsword F2P Game Elsword is an MMORPG side scroller. It's a fun and easy game that anyone can get into as soon as they start. If you need a comparison, Elsword is pretty similar to Dungeon Fighter Online And Also An Evolution Of Grand Chase Elsword Has 10 Character each character have 3 special job Also Elsword Have SDGs [Secret Dungeons] Raid Boss [Now Perkisas] And Elsword hv socketing too u can apply any element n any status like crit,add damage,red damage, n etc About PvP idk much about it Cuz PvP Ruled By DE Master Race :v Lel DE[Diabolic Esper} Add 2nd Job from Time Tracer And The worst part is that once in a combo, there is only one way out. Mana Break. These combos can possibly kill you right away. However, if you use Mana Break, you can escape the combo. Yet, this Mana Break uses 100MP. In other words it becomes a choice between getting out of a combo or using a skill if/when you get out of the combo Elsword is a very easy game to get into. The gameplay is very simple and fun. What I like about Elsword is that the story missions require you to do each dungeon multiple times. This allows you to grind a level for as much as it's worth while progressing with the story that's my review about Elsword i give it [8,9] Cuz I play it everyday U Can Add Me on NA Server Nickname = StrixShura Character = Add Job = ADD > Psychic Tracer > Lunatic Psyker Perkisas Rank = SSS
  21. A game I started playing is World of Tanks Blitz. The game is like is predecessor World of Tanks but the reason I started playing it is simple:Convinience.I use the Windows 10 OS and because WoT Blitz is a universal app I can log in to any mobile device I want and start playing from where I left the game off.Simple as that. But It is not the same.I mean,the graphics are obviously downgraded (mobile port :P),the tutorial is easier but the game is lighter to run so low-end pc's have finally found a way to play World of Tanks. So,the next time you log-in to the Windows Store,give it a try ;)
  22. I don't have money to spend on games... Is more easy to enter on browser and search free to play games... I played all MOBA games , i am fascinating about this games like Dota2 , League of Legends , Strife , Infinite Crisis and more...
    1. DotA 2 You require honest preview so here i come. Dota was pretty good game back then. It's a MOBA game jsut like League of legends... But with some differences like all heroes are free to pick since beggining, you've got bigger jungle in dota and the most important difference Courier (a creep who can bring you your items from base.. so you don't really have to leave the lane.) It is quite good russian language teacher as well since almost all of the players are russians... you can find some( a lot) at all servers. But... it was 10 years ago when i started to play DotA... and i've recently quit. It was because this game for a lot of bullshit updates and they disgusted it for me... new engine...bullshit new items...bullshit with steam martket .... guys you- who're watching steam news feed know, that valve deleted keys and now wants almost 3€ for one chest, which items are no longer tradeable for less than 3 months... So my conclusion... If you want to play normal MOBA game go play LoL or Smite... because DotA is in it's grave for so long... I've had a lot of friends who played with me... but now it's less than 50% of my steam friends who play it nowadays. If you stayed here for so long and read this whole comment, thank you :)
  23. One Special MMO is Dragon Prophet, hidden quest,player cooperation, advanced guild with sanctuary just for the member, Extraordinary world, Find or hunt rare dragon's you can see just one time in 1000 hour of gaming, Dragon combat arena, many island where your build your home, under of 1000 differente dragon to catch, mount your dragon, fight on or on side of your dragon, unique boss, world boss, market to trade or sell your crafting, I class this game on my top ten with Skyrim / Heroes of might and magic 3 / Armada / Rise and Fall / Neverwinter night / Age of Empire2 / UFO / Ultimate Domain and other. Try it before when the game are old and the grafik are too old.
  24. Hello, always liked to participate in giveaways to have chance to win a good game and I like to play all kinds of game. and the coming of the far cry primal
  25. Hello I'm new here so all I want to say that I never won anything in these kinds of giveaways I had 0 luck in my whole life if I win I will be so happy :)
  26. Fp2 is fun to play because you have the posibility to play against ina soño not artificial intelligence if no other players susu learning can be more difficult to overcome errors already in a moba.mmmorpg , fps.etc.Juega what you fun and makes you lose track of time , forget everyday problems, it may be that others may not like the game it is important that you have fun
  27. free to play games are fun but games like warframe and apb reloaded can get extremely grindy and take for ever to get money or items .but on the other hand games like triad wars (when it was around) was awesome and getting weapons was easy and made the game easy to play. however most free to play games are almost always grind feasts
  28. i Play mostly F2P but once the F2P turns P2W then im out hard for a MMO to hold my attention for longer than one month even Wow bores me after awhile Just wish there was game like 12sky.12sky2 that would be remade and pop as they are best mmo's i have ever played and would love to return to. Endless Online (still going diffrent server) was MMO Most people started on and i would LOVE for someone with time to make it over and add new stuff to game there is about 50-60 people that still play this game but with no new stuff added it is loseing its player base so fast
  29. i loved playing all of Saints Row and Gat out of hell^^ though gat out of hell was kind of short i enjoyed playing it lots the new weapons the powers the upgrades on the weapons and powers its pretty good and Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition tbh i sucked when i played it cause i havent played that in a long time lol i got the hang of it, oh and i some mmos i like, for example Blade and Soul i love it the graphics are amazing, the skills and the combos that you get when you get that purple quest is helpful^^ the costumes look so cool even the faction costume ...except the cerulean one im more of a crimson guy i like the red and black outfit and hoping they do more on there they already have a new class called Warlock and im trying that one out,and then theres Gurumin i really enjoyed playing that and there are still more games on my mind that i like :)
  30. Aora
    My Favorite Games: Paladins (It's Fast paced so i'm liking it ;S) , Blade and Soul ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) , Brawlhalla (SO MUCH FUN ;3) , Warframe (I mean ninjas...) Let me Start with Paladins: Well it is rooted in a colorful sci-fi fantasy setting featuring Champions, playable characters that have their own unique fire-function and abilities. Combat in Paladins is also nearly entirely skillshot-based, meaning projectiles can be dodged. Although each champion has its own personality and core abilities, to get around Paladins’ much larger wide open Maps the real character variation comes from a deckbuilding Cards System that augments a champion in different ways and it's still updating and patching so i'm liking it. (gotta love those Skye haters ;) Next is Blade and Soul ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): Well first of all i think we all got hooked to this game because... you know it. FOR RESEARCH. anyways blade and soul has eight classes and battle foes with a fast-paced action-combat system where timing, counters, and combos are the focus and the PvP is super competitive but for PvE is super fun to play with your friends. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Welp next is Brawlhalla: Brawlhalla is a 2D platform fighting game brawler for PC where the best of the baddest-ass warriors in past and future history battle each other in an eternal tournament of champions and it features simpler controls and one-button special moves, similar to Super Smash Bros. Which is super fun and i feel like i want to play Super Smash Bros right now. ;3 Next is Warframe. Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world with some intresting stories. Players gets to control Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with the Grineer, a race of militarized human clones; the Corpus, a mega-corporation with advanced robotics and laser technology; the Infested, disfigured victims of the Technocyte infection, every Tenno has their unique abilities, and of course SWORDS AND GUNS BLAZING. some people say this game is P2W, but it isn't, because if you spent some time to this game you might just get almost EVERYTHING for free. Well these are my Favorite F2P Games that i've played so far, and of course Thanks For Reading, Have A Nice Year :)
  31. Hello , i mostly played F2P MMORPGs because i like the character progression systems , i like both PvE and PvP...But i never had a chance to play steam games because most are P2P and its kinda out of my budget to buy games...i played WoW , Perfect World (A LOT),mostly games from PW Entertainment , also a lot of browser based MMORPGs. But anyways Good Luck Everyone!
  32. I love f2p games like Tf2, but obviously they are not as good as the paid ones. I stick with f2p, because i cant afford payed ones xD, I play tf2 and dota 2 the most. Most of the f2p games are quite good, and are worth while, tf2 is infact my most played game, and i have all the achivements, I love all the f2p games
  33. i played lost of games and i love them but the games i love the most are GTA, cod, and any fps also games like red alert 3 are cool i can re view any of them i guess but i would only have to take a guess at what ppl would for a re view on and thats GTA maybe COD3 lol but i would do the same i don't really have anything els to say
  34. i like to play f2p games because u dont have to worry about losing money if ur time is limited (like sub mmos) and u dont spend like 50 euro in a game u might not even like (because most of p2p are not having test option at first) so i like a lot f2p mmos , but only if there are not p2win thx
  35. I Played MMORPGS since 2001,when runescape came out,it blew my mind,there was just so much to do,quests,a lot of different skills,you could build your accounts how you wanted,like pure etc.Its free to play but you can become member for additional content,skills etc,,it didnt bother me since the community was very welcoming and free to play part of the game was hell of a fun.The other games i played after that were 9dragons,tibia,cabal,and a lot more. I generally think theres MMORPG for every person and the game experience is as good as you let it be.Sure there are horrible f2p games with payment walls and heavily pay 2 win,but majority of people arent going to stick to them either way.Probably best Free 2 Play games are the ones that you can get all items thats p2w players get in relativly short time,have subscriptions for additional content and the ones that only sell cosmetic items and expansion for ur inventory/bank etc. like path of exile,wich is hands down the best free to play action rpg.Now some reviiews of the games ive played. Runescape : free to play and subscription option. Free to play honestly gets like a 25% of the whole game,you cant make money easly,you dont have bosses to kill,you cant train all skills,you cant explore all areas and so on.The game nowadays has p2w option,you can buy there things in runescape 3 called tresaure hunter keys,to get bonus experience or experience/items to get ahead of game,but note,it would most likely cost you about 10000$ to get all skills maxed by buying keys.Every members also gets 2 keys per day for free and +2 from each quest you finish and +1 from daily tasks. 2nd thing is item called a Bond,you can either sell a bond in market for money or use it to gain membership for free.lets say 1 bond gives you 14 days of membership and costs about 10m coins wich may seems a lot,but honestly,a person at level 3 with 0 skills and small pile of cash can make about 800k coins an hour,wich means,you can basically buy a 1 bond+1 month of membership,sell a bond at market,fund yourself with items to make money,and you make a bond per 2 days easly.So its not really a p2w/subs only,since you can be member/buy keys/cosmetics with bonds wich can be obtained with ingame currency. Now the game offers a old game model of the main game,with old combat,no p2w with tresaure keys,because they dont excist,it has crappyer graphics,but there as much or more people playing it as in the main game,because a lot of older players like and will stick to it. Runescape needs no downloading,its a browser game. Runescape 3 wont be available for browsers once the new client comes out called NXT wich makes the game run in c++ not java,has huge geaphical and performance boost. Runescape NXT Client Graphics 9/10 Browser Graphics 6/10 Old School Graphics 3/10 Runescape main and oldschool Overall gameplay 9/10 Pros: Huge World Tons of Quests Lots of monster variety and bosses Decent combat Big Variety of how you approach and play the game Cons: Time consuming Possible to burn out yourself if you stick to 1 skill. MY Top 5 MMOS Are in no specific order, WoW Wrath of the Lich King,Runescape,Cabal,Elsword and Path Of Exile,they all are free 2 play except WoW,but you can call WoW free to play after you pay 1 month of subscription and pay the rest of the months with ingame gold. :)
  36. Well, on free to play game i played a lot of archeage, and it became boring, pay to win and stuff, bad game in my opinion, i think the best games to play, are the buy to play mmorpgs, no need to pay extra for boosts or other useless things like that, PEACE!
  37. I love F2P games . A great option is to create a guild where you meet new people . The great thing is the guild war where the entire team is working to win. I like all kinds of events where you can win items that are designed for players p2p . My adventure began F2P games even when I was 15 years old. Together with a friend we played together in such games and the possibility of cooperation made ​​this kind of game has become our favorite .
  38. I'm a dedicated gamer, I also test games in BETA phases to help developers :) I have written several reviews for you guys. I hope it helps other people as well. Good luck with the giveaway everyone :)
  39. I never won anything for free before and i really Love Call Of duty game and wanted to play one a lot before but i don't have money except that i pay to learn and live i really hope to get one of it
  40. i just want to say i have bad english and i never ever get nothing for free but i like to play f2p games .. and i like i lot guild wars 2 but i dont have money to buy the game because in my country it hard to found job .. but maybe and maybe i get that game ..
  41. I Played MMORPGS since 2001,when runescape came out,it blew my mind,there was just so much to do,quests,a lot of different skills,you could build your accounts how you wanted,like pure etc.Its free to play but you can become member for additional content,skills etc,,it didnt bother me since the community was very welcoming and free to play part of the game was hell of a fun.The other games i played after that were 9dragons,tibia,cabal,and a lot more. I generally think theres MMORPG for every person and the game experience is as good as you let it be.Sure there are horrible f2p games with payment walls and heavily pay 2 win,but majority of people arent going to stick to them either way.Probably best Free 2 Play games are the ones that you can get all items thats p2w players get in relativly short time,have subscriptions for additional content and the ones that only sell cosmetic items and expansion for ur inventory/bank etc. like path of exile,wich is hands down the best free to play action rpg.Now some reviiews of the games ive played. Runescape : free to play and subscription option. Free to play honestly gets like a 25% of the whole game,you cant make money easly,you dont have bosses to kill,you cant train all skills,you cant explore all areas and so on.The game nowadays has p2w option,you can buy there things in runescape 3 called tresaure hunter keys,to get bonus experience or experience/items to get ahead of game,but note,it would most likely cost you about 10000$ to get all skills maxed by buying keys.Every members also gets 2 keys per day for free and +2 from each quest you finish and +1 from daily tasks. 2nd thing is item called a Bond,you can either sell a bond in market for money or use it to gain membership for free.lets say 1 bond gives you 14 days of membership and costs about 10m coins wich may seems a lot,but honestly,a person at level 3 with 0 skills and small pile of cash can make about 800k coins an hour,wich means,you can basically buy a 1 bond+1 month of membership,sell a bond at market,fund yourself with items to make money,and you make a bond per 2 days easly.So its not really a p2w/subs only,since you can be member/buy keys/cosmetics with bonds wich can be obtained with ingame currency. Now the game offers a old game model of the main game,with old combat,no p2w with tresaure keys,because they dont excist,it has crappyer graphics,but there as much or more people playing it as in the main game,because a lot of older players like and will stick to it. Runescape needs no downloading,its a browser game. Runescape 3 wont be available for browsers once the new client comes out called NXT wich makes the game run in c++ not java,has huge geaphical and performance boost. Runescape NXT Client Graphics 9/10 Browser Graphics 6/10 Old School Graphics 3/10 Runescape main and oldschool Overall gameplay 9/10 Pros: Huge World Tons of Quests Lots of monster variety and bosses Decent combat Big Variety of how you approach and play the game Cons: Time consuming Possible to burn out yourself if you stick to 1 skill. MY Top 5 MMOS Are in no specific order, WoW Wrath of the Lich King,Runescape,Cabal,Elsword and Path Of Exile,they all are free 2 play except WoW,but you can call WoW free to play after you pay 1 month of subscription and pay the rest of the months with ingame gold. :)
  42. ResUUU
    I've played f2p games since i had about 12. I am almost 22 now. At that time there where a lot of great games. Shayia, Cabal, Dekaron, Last chaos. later on Boi,TF2, Forsaken World, MOBAs gain publicity and started playing games like LoL, Smite, Dota2, HoN. Getting that Terra, C9, Skyforce feeling ... A lot of games that are good and free, but money can give you an even better deal :)). Never was the kind to give money in game shops (besides skins in LoL)... and slowly moving away from games that give advantage to those that buy items from shop.
  43. Main reason i play f2p games is because i cant buy any games really.I live in a town where getting a credit card is like getting a lambo.Witch means it's impossible.And mostly i enjoy playing f2p games with my friends.I'm currently playing Unturned only.I played alot of f2p titles but all of them got boring or pay to win.I'm happy playing videogames even if i cant play the best games.But i saw this giveaway and decided to give it a try. :)
  44. The free2play games i'm playing now are Hearthstone,HOTS,Path of Exile,Dirty Bomb and SMITE are my main at the moment.I did play many more f2p titles but those are somewhat kind in their shop and not pay to win (HS and the mobas are p2progress).Great games if you wanna have fun and build up on the competitive side.
  45. I've been playing Free To Play MMO's since I was 8, I'm 19 now, Started with Fiesta online while it was still on Outspark servers.
  46. I play with a lot of game. My favourits are League of Legends,Fallout 4,Payday 2(only stealth :D),Vindictus,Counter Strike Global Offensive. I spend a lot of time for games with my friends. I love FPS,MMO,and Strategy games.
  47. i wont take your time much saying how long i play games and stuff ... i just would like to wake up one day open my pc check my email recieve a steam key i will smile and it will make my day happy so why not making someone happy ? )
  48. Well I can tell about a really free game which makes me think that I am playing a paid game.. And its name is SMITE. A 3rd person MOBA, which is absolutely free. I have all the gods there without spending any penny in it. Almost 100 skins also.. Absolutely the best free game ever for me.. BTW Good Luck to All!
  49. Zellkyou
    I have 1409 hours clocked in to the free to play game Warframe on steam, 306 hours clocked into DC Universe online, and 170 hours of Neverwinter. I've played quite a few f2p mmos in my time as a gamer, I've seen great ones come and go simply cause they were switching publishers *Cough shin megami tensei imagine online aka megaten ....I had over 4000 hours into that game....and now its gone....* I love f2p games, mainly mmos because I love being able to learn new things in games, and have more ways to play them, all without ever needing to pay any money on them. Hearthstone is another great example of a f2p game I constantly play, and I've never felt like I HAD to pay money on it to get good, when all I did was just be persistent and kept playing. I love the feeling of hardwork paying off and having a great time playing the games that you'd like to play.
  50. I got first new register already... I am deaf and i would like to random one games if i winner... how do i know this ? Let me know and i love it to play more.. Hope chance winner for me.. good luck all of you guys ^^ have a fun to play games <3
  51. some free to play games are filled with microtransactions,about 50% of free to play games are bad,and some free to play games are great even with mircotransactions(Team fortress 2 is a example).H1Z1 is a disapoitment because not only they changed to buy to play,they split it in 2 about 10% of free to play games would actually give you fun.
  52. hello guys..! thanks for tihs opportunity ( sorry for my english ) i just want to say... i play fps games from 8 years old ... and start to play rpg games when i have 13.... now i have 21.. :v !!!! .... if i can win a game for steam i dont know witch i want really... i have a bad pc... but i can play gta 5 without shadows 1024x768 resolution and all in low lol ! xd.... i have gt 520 :S! soooooooo that...... good luck all and thanks again..!! and cya gamers u.u!
  53. i am a long time gamer and my bad habit is video games. i have played many types of games and rpg(diablo,vindictus) or first person shoter(rainbow 6, hitman) etc. puzzle games also. i play online and off. xbox and pc. i play with my kids( yes i am old) but as a family of gamers its always fun. i dont play many race or sports games, its just not my thing. i play Armored warfare and not much world of tanks since armored warfare came out... ign tom50574 in many games i play
  54. F2P Games can be both great and terrible. Games such as Tera, Warframe, Skyforge, Warface, and a few others have great production and showcase that truly enjoyable F2P games exist out there. They show that it's not required to have a multi million dollar budget or a massive studio - let alone it's not required to even be a triple A studio to produce quality enjoyable games. Unfortunately, there's a lot of stuidos out there that try to create F2P games for the wrong idea of just lining their pockets and the quality of the game suffers, because they focus on money first instead of content and the game itself.
  55. LAMBDA
    I've been a sucker for RPG games for a long time, sometimes at night I dream of playing one. :D I've spent most of my years not simply playing games, but appreciating them - games like Need for Speed, Prince of Persia, pretty much every FPS game out there, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Dragon Age Origins/2/Inquisition. I've been impressed the most with Morrowind and Dragon Age Origins the most in my lifetime and it will make me genuinely happy if I was gifted a new game to experience.
  56. I love f2p games i play trove my tip for any other player is don't waist flux and you can grind for a ton of it by making shadow souls (don't know what those are you get them from breaking down shadow level 2-5 stuff)
  57. I love free to play games because they allow you to experience the feeling of a good game without having to immediately pay and still get money because they have items you can purchase such as skins to show your support. It's a win win.
  58. I love to play Warframe. If you are into shooter game, then this game is for you. Love the fact that a story element was added to the game which drives the game forward. Whole bunch of ninja robots to choose from. There is the misconception that it's a pay to win game, but it's not. I'm broke, so I go do missions to get resources to build my stuff. Paying for the stuff you want is an option, but that just takes the fun out of it. You can trade in the game, but only for unique and prime stuff, I won't say anymore about those things, I'll let you find out. Warfarme is on PC, PS4, and XBOX ONE.
  59. Payday is a game like Left 4 Dead but with COPS. The aim of your mission is to steal the hell out of some banks with the assistance of your fellow comrades.(If you manage to surving the turret-tanking,aimbotting bots).But,well.It worth it. You also have a safe house that you can train,access your intel and manage your money.(In your damn vault.Like-a-boss). The game is also constantly update with new dlc and playable content so I think that It will manage to succub us for good.
  60. A good F2P Co-op survival shooter to try is Left 4 Dead 2.The game consists of a campaign mode and a multiplayer mode.You control a hero (out of the 4 people in your team)and you have to manage to survive the hordes of the undead that want to kill you. The thing that makes this game super fun are the "Special Infected".These,are zombies with unique capabilities like supercharging,exploding and blinding you (if you are near them)on death,throwing acid and sh!t(while being assisted by a damn-ton of normal zombies). Finalizing,you might lose some friendships,some relationships,some money,some time,some of your life..WELL You got the point :D.
  61. I love MOBAs. They're an easy way to meet new people arround the world. MMOs likes too. I have played League of Legends, Smite, even Heroes of the Storm. I'm waiting for Paragon! Looks like going to be an amazing game :)
  62. Smite is a moba game that offers players new way of gameplay. Graphic are pretty nice. There is a lot of game mods that have different variety. Instead of heroes there are Gods that are unique in there on way.
  63. Another good game to try is HoN.This game started of a spiritual successor to Dota 1(correct me if I am wrong)but the developers(of that time)decided to take kinda different approach from Dota.(Although they half+ of these champions are directly ported from Dota :D)they then started to make heroes of their own or just semi-port/blend champions.They removed some items,they added some items,(They also buffed some champions). It also has a freaking nice game engine,(which in my opinion is better suited for competitive play than the Dota 2 one) The End.
  64. I LOVE f2p games(for example Tactical Intervention, TF2, Dirty Bomb and more...) , but when it comes to games I have to pay for, I can't afford them(most of them), and I really want them. This is an chance for me to start playing other games, to have a little bit of diversification.
  65. Heroes and Generals is a good game with nice graphics. Gameplay is competitive but if you pay it is not, money will get you the head start form other players(Weapon,Boosts and Vehicles). Some maps are huge and it is fun playing with teams.
  66. Another Good game is smite.Smite is almost totally different from the mainstream mobas.Why?Because it has a Third Person perspective(boo!!!).The game consists of ~60 gods and It has TONS of modes to play.One of them is the Arena.You are in a stadium and you wreck everyone's faces.No lanes just fighting.There is also Conquest which is the normal 5vs5,3 -lane map mode.The map is trully wonderful.Last,but not least,There are some other game modes like: Assault,Joust,Siege,Clash,Domination and Match of the day which is s a special mode, that changes daily. (That's it :P)
  67. I played Dota2 DC universe online and many online titles also use my portfolio for compar many titles that I liked as Darksoul 2 and some DLC
  68. Well,I have played tons of F2P Games. My favourite though has to be League of Legends. I just have played it a damn lot ( 1734 hours. The reason for that is the following; The game although It followed the DotA formula,It just differs because Riot Games changed very basic things. For example Agility,Intelligence and Strength do not exist here.If you want attack speed,you buy attack speed,if you want health,you buy health.Pretty straight-forward. Moreover,trees do not play a vital role in league.You have bushes. Also,you cannot deny creeps (Although I would like such an option.It would be so troll.) It also has a huge competitive scene (E-sports are fantastic). Finalizing,that's my 2 cents and although not everybody will agree with me,the game is cool.
  69. I played tf2, dota2, wow, gw2 and other f2p games) Through community mmo, I made many good friends and acquaintances all over the world.
  70. Over the last 10 years i have play a shit tons of FTP all from browser games to warfram TF2 Dota world of tanks and a lots other i play. I love to try new games and olds, i have also try some betas and alphas i got for free and some i bourght
  71. i play tf2 and unturned, but those game is really nice for everyone who don't need to pay money can play. They just as every f2p game fine their way to manage their benefit and cost, and almost everyone would like their way, unlike payday2, just keep making many dlc and unequal weapon system. I may say people would like to pay for developer creative thing.
  72. Warframe is like best game I ever played (I played more than 200 games of all generations and beaten like 177), Warframe is simply prefect when you get what it is about.
  73. So my total Rate and review About Free 2 play Games are about Most of them have nice graphic and fun to play. but its depend game will be going for money sink and become Pay 2 Win or not. the bad thing about Free 2 play game are most of them are Become Pay 2 win games, if that not happend in . i think its will be Good Game. My total rate about Free 2 play Games are 8/10
  74. Hi, a good free-to-play game is Smite.The pros are: +multi-platform support(PC,Xbox One,PS4) +third-person MOBA(the first of its kind actually) +great community(clans,friends always wanting to play together) +fast-paced action(literally everything could happen in a flash) +developer always updating the game(including special events,bonuses etc.) I cannot think of any cons other than the occasional rage quitters and feeders, but that is in every multiplayer game so :D
    I played many online free2play games. sorry for my english ... i have be choosen for many online games beta tester ... i wont won this steam code.
  76. I played many free to play mmos and I think its losing its value mainly because of the games we are getting really late and big changed, an example would be blade soul sure its fun but the game was released in korea and japan for so so long(korea release was in 2012 and japan was in 2014) before we finially get a north american release, another example would be black desert, its SUPPOSE to be a free to play not a buy to play, why? because black desert is free to play all other regions too and cash shop u need to pay another 30 bucks for an entire set of cosmetic armor and weapon just to look different, and in my eyes black desert looks exactly like the free to play C9 graphic wise.
  77. The game I'm playing now is called Dekaron, the game itself has great graphics, amazing skill effects, but the only downside would be publisher.Which as always destroys or forgets about their own games. However the Dekaron still has potential if more people played it or got back. Would be nice if someone creates great article about that game. Also the itself don't have story or good questing system however pvp and pk system is EPIC. MMORPG''s are great, they let people to get into something that lets you play no matter where you are(exeption region locks) from. How much you earn is another porblem. Though there are some mishaps in ITEM shop, but if you truly like game you will ignore it, so playing MMO will be still good. Also games itself are free, content given is almost the same as everyone has, so there is equality. On the other hand MMo's are games and games are to be played, they are different so you stay there where your heart makes you to, it's hard to find best one, so MMORPG's gives you freedom and lets you to make decision to stay or not, either way you will find what you like.
  78. Warframe: Best free to play game ever played. Pros: - Looks amazing. - Runs on low system specs. - Gameplay is slick and smooth. - Great progression system. - You don't have to buy anything with real cash. - Regular updates. - Loads of game types and Maps. - Play solo or with friends. - Friendly communty. - FREE Cons: - Cooperative online play doesn't encourages players to play as a team. - The grind can get insane, but at least you can trade. 8,5/10
  79. Trove, its f2p game and ts sand box.. but i dont understand its mmorpg??? because you can build anywhere and just some location and can teleport your house and its game for lvl up .. its fun for some hour. my total rate its 7/10
  80. Skyforge F2P game.. but Alot Items that Make you get more Prestige(lvl up) in game.. and if you get higher.. you are more populated and more people wants you.. and you are more strong.. so thats make game p2w.. its nice Graphic game.. and wow Become big God and kill half map with 2 skill its amazing at frist look but when you enter.. omg lobby dungeon and u need do same dungeons over and over and over.. i hate that after sometime.. you get bored so fast. still dont know why i was play it.. my total rate 5/10
  81. Tera Its really good designed game and awesome gameplay with center target (like Shooter games) and have so much sexy character/ Its fun to play atleast one time But its not much F2P game.. its have alot of materials from shop.. Rng Upgrade.. and so low end game content/ except that i think 40/40 stronghold war.. its fun to play.. but having rng/ptw material and not much end game dungeons for play it so total rate 6/10
  82. The free to play games are not the best but they are closest to perfection. One of them is warface she have almost everything compare to pay games second is warframe (i'm not fan of the Genre actually). The future for this Genre games is in virtual currency (not pay to win this why every game will slow dies). Every user need to requires as much as he can from developers to be better and better all games.
  83. man i love f2p games, i meet some of now real life frinds in such a games. we played so many games together like lol, allods online, skyforge, and now Bns, and we always stick together.
  84. Dota 2 most played cool characters and design I played a lot by old sniper my favorite I enjoy a lot in my time but my favorite game WarFrame great ninja and Si-fi game . Exalber my amazing character cut his enemy by sword.
  85. Archeage its f2p game.. but its not. its p2w game.. its really bad published.. game have really good Crafting/ship war/stronghold war/goood to have classes at one character/awesome house and trade/ and OMG KRAKEN But in this game friends can be traitor.. the people from your faction.. they robbed you and murder you(the game can change that.. but dont want do it.. because they want make people become thief and killerS:D).. so bad pve.. having Bad dungeons.. and there is Baaaaaaad Patron status. so much P2W total rate 4/10
  86. SSamurai
    I've played lots of moba, mmorpg, mmofps games on really low settings I've played F2P games almost whole my life and still playing and waiting for new cool F2P games. I've played Trove, LeagueofLegends, Combat Arms, TF2, Robocraft, sometimes GTA san andreas samp and so on. Still playing Aura Kingdom, Lucent Heart. I really wanted to try to play some great games like BladeandSoul, Warframe, TERA, Archeage, Ghost Recon phantoms. But I couldn't because my laptop is just to bad. I really love F2P games I can play , why because they are F2P games :D
  87. Heroes of the storm its Good Graphic game. and new style of moba.. its good to have random maps and style of gameplay for it. But the only things make it failed .. its about dont have items.. and u dont need be in line and you always have same build for 1000 games. not much options for change your gameplay style. and i think its not moba at all. because its mission-based game.. do your map missions and you will be win.. you neeed use map Lots of time.. not Player vs player. So total rate 7/10
  88. Smite) The 3rd person view used in SMITE is a big change from the top down views normally used in a MOBA. The game also utilizes WASD keys, unlike the traditional point-to-move system of traditional MOBAs. This creates a large blind spot behind the users character and also makes sneaking behind someone for stealth attacks a viable option.
  89. Dota 2 most player of this game are comming from dota 1.. that was game from blizzard... and about this game.. its good to have in steam.. for download and etc. but about gameplay.. bad towers/u can be really overpower and unstopable. its not balanced at all. so my total rate 5/10
  90. azerbah
    Count me in cause i played lots. I mean realy lots of titles. APB was the one that got me most. Lately im more B2P but i still considering every F2P title to play. I realy love games!
  91. League of Legend Best Moba in out there... its f2p game.. and the only things u can get with money its hero and skins... so its total Skill-based game.. and need Good ping for play it.the only problem that game have its launcher .. its crap... so bad speed.. going up and down.. and very bad my total rate its 8/10
  92. Oh I would love to get free Steam games, I was so looking for this! It was so sad for me because my mother don't let me spend a penny. :( BTW, do you get premium account( for example you can add friends) in steam if you have a game from here?
  93. I Really Like FPS F2P Game Tf2 I Played Alot Free Skin Drops And STuff There + I like Warface Its Pretty cool Game Made By Crytek Good Luck Everyone
  94. Razeluxe
    Please add Time Of Dragons - To be a game I am able to review...if you need reasons my review in the comments I placed not knowing this is not the place for reviewing.
  95. I really love free to play. It's a really nice experience for people with a low budget. Also, it feels like "test a game before spending money on it", which is not the chase for buy to play titles. I have played a lot, and I mean a LOT of free to play games. Ranging from Street Gears to Gunz, to La Tale, Vindictus.. the list goes on and on. Which i loved the most over all these years was definitely La Tale, but playing alone just feels bad man. In La Tale you play one of 6 starting classes, which can be later developed (at lvl 50 and 100 back in the days, I think it has been made easier to raise your class). The max lvl is 200. It has a similiar feel to it like Maplestory, as it is a 2D game, though it is way more focused on skill spamming and potting, which is a thing that a lot of people didnt like. I have played it up to lvl 86, but it has gotten boring since literally no one of my friends wanted to play this game, so i kind of abandoned it, which is too bad. If you have good friends to play with, I would say this game is a 8/10, since it gets repetetive at times. but its really fun if you like grinding and stuff.
  96. Razeluxe
    I started playing F2P games online since I got my first computer,from flash games to games that you have to download I thought they were all great just for the reason they were free. The first game I am going to review is going to Get Amped 2 its an evolution from Splash Fighters.Its a brawler game that a lot of variety.You had you're own little fighter character with its own little class and you could customize it with different gear to give it powers.The game play was more or less like a 2.5 D SuperSmashBros but you didn't just win by getting someone to fall off the map.You could also kill them by depleting their health.It was a really nice fighter concept,it was so addictive and it even and adventure mode that was kind of a story mode and they were really challenging and team based but you all got rewards if you beat them.The only downside of the game that I can remember was that it was a bit pay to win.Not all items were free but some of them were really OP and others that have $ abused that against the F2P people.But that was not a big problem because they game was actually SKILL BASED.I remember me bit.ching about how I can't beat some people with the gear they had but I learned a lot by playing and losing against them.I started beating them with the FREE NOOB GEAR THAT YOU GET AT THE START THAT ONLY GIVES YOU AUTOBLOCK.I used a lot of combos with weapons but the gear were the main thing that made other people so OP.But when I good enough I felt so bad ass destroying them in their P2W pride and joy with just the basic gear of a blocking badge and a baseball bat. The game was really really good and popular at some didn't last for such a long time...maybe 2 or 3 years or was because of the game developers not releasing enough content and making only P2P content...all the new gear was P2W and P2P so once you obtained all the free and earn them items...there is just nothing left to do...I had fun for it for a while until the PTP/PTW GEAR demoralized new players and it lost its popularity.I still like the game...I still hate the game developers for what they did...and I still want to play that game again...if ever a third version comes out since brawlers aren't popular anymore as they used to be... Well that's it for my first review ^_^! I really hope I do get at least one of the steam codes just so I see what game it is.If its one I already got I will just give it to one of my friends!
  97. A great opportunity! Review Neverwinter online «Neverwinter» is a spiritual continuation of the legendary series «Neverwinter Nights». It was originally planned that it will be just a continuation of the original game , turning into online multiplayer. However , at a certain stage of development the creators decided that their product will only slightly overlap with the «Neverwinter Nights», as later announced at a press conference . Best MMORPG without exaggeration . The game is built on the classic campaign setting -RPG, that the foundations have been described in the amended 4th edition of «Dangeons & Dragons». Players perform all sorts of tasks, travel the open game world , fighting with mobs , cooperate with each other in some way . For certain actions the character gains experience points , money and useful stuff .. With all this, the hero develops , with new features and improve performance , which increases its overall combat effectiveness . The game has 8 classic classes , each hero can freely choose and master . The game may come across things that are suitable only to a certain other class of characters that will not fit the player . What you need to know before you download Neverwinter online? Developers originally set a goal to do another Chinese MMO with huge crowds of players online. As they said, the main reference points for them were «TES IV: Oblivion» and peace «Dragon Age», that is, the main emphasis is on the following subject line. The interaction between players such as trade and PvP is already out on the second turn. Thus, the game has a huge size locations with different content, absolute freedom of movement and a great lot of NPC who can share those or other information or give quest. Quests from the players in the game is not uncommon. The Foundry taxis. The main feature of the game is «The Foundry» - is an editor that allows players to create a variety of materials and integrate them into the game. For example, it is possible to add a custom quest that can go through other users. The player sets the whole story quests, items, and places for his passing - all the way up to the character that it produces. Functional editor is very large, you can even create individual custom worlds. The game also built a special search engine with filters to search for an integrated content created not by developers and players. The plot of the game Neverwinter online. According to the story, the action takes place after defeating Valindroy, Lich Queen, which attempt to capture and destroy New Nevevinter, built on the remains of the old. In the most critical moment to her aid arrived from nowhere appeared a dragon that helped Valindre escape. Information about this player receives a variety of stories of soldiers who took part in the legendary battle. The player appears at the peak of the crisis Nevevintera in which all the surviving population was split into many warring factions. Also, the city is in the grip of many walking dead. The player will have to try to end the crisis, an end to the invasion of zombies and skeletons, as well as find the Crown Nevevintera. Thank you for your attention, I hope someone is helped.
  98. Dirty Bomb is a nice game, nice graphics but also the gameplay. I recommend it to all those who are fed up of the same fps, in which you make a kill, and after you die.
  99. 5eraZ
    Hi. Wow this is an awesome chance that you guys are giving us. The beginning of MMO or Free To Play games is when I was in the 6th grade, gaining the confidence to ask my brother to download one for me, The wait to download was long for little young me but it was worth it. i would spend all my hours I had to myself to play the game Luna. Then after Luna, I began to explore gaming, especially free to play because I had no money to spend on myself and my parents don't particularly want to spend their money on games. Back then, point and click were the majority of free to play games, I discover I like hack and Slash better. As years went on, free to play game began to offer more. By the time I was a teenager, there were awesome games I like with better graphics and the hack and slash element. But I discover that my computer couldn't handle some of the F2P games that I threw at it. For the F2P games that I have played that I can remember is Luna, Fiesta, Freestyle Basketball 2, APB reloaded, Warframe, Path of Exile, Tera, NeverWinter, Elsword, Aura Kingdom, Blacklight: Retribution,Mabinogi, Vindictus, Dragon Nest, Dragon Saga, Aion, Audition Online, Something Mstar (Dance game), La Tale, S4 league. Most of these games though, I tried out for a few days or hours. For some, I spend many hours playing it. Me liking hack and slash of course I would love Vindictus and Dragon Nest. Memories of those two games (also S4 league) are bold in my head in compare to the others. When I started Dragon Nest, it was still in the early ages of its life. The level cap was 27(? can't remember) and it was pretty easy to reach considering I spend a lot of time on the game. I remember this boss call the Minotaur i think that we would fight and kill in this dungeon run. You had to be careful not to get kill or you'll just bring yourself now. It was fun, getting anxious and scare of dieing not wanting to lose the chance of collect rare items drops and disappointing your teammates. Can you have a limit to how many a time you run the dungeon. And I loved the armor in dragon nest. I love gaming for new looks or armor for my character so considering when I first played Vindictus, I was an excited fangirl, spending longer than necessary during character creation or item shop though I couldn't buy any :(. But there was a bunch of armor I could wear and armor "rips" off, giving the cool look xD. In S4 league, the armor are more modern and can be change often if you have enough money, I love the look and layout of the game. I would still be playing it if it weren't for the hacker, Seriously, it's still an awesome game to this day. Wall Jumping and awesome weapon of different play style and game mode. Next game I remember clearly and spend a lot of time with is Warframe. I had a few rare cards too without spending money on it (spend my time and internet on it though). My first ever glorious free to play or not game. Somehow it was so well optimize that even my old computer can run it. I get to experience beautiful graphic and gaming action. Spent time collecting resource for new warframe and weapons and trying them out was a whole lot of fun. This game I remember playing for long , using up all my summer time and probably school time. The game la tale, what fascinate me to this 2-d game for the class and action. Better than point of click action and aesthetic appeal to me. I never quite reach my goal of changing class though T.T. It took way too long and I grew out of it before reach my goal. After trying out many games and non satisfy me, I quit gaming for about a year since I was busy with school and found other hobbies such as reading and continuing to better myself at art. Now most of my life is of school (damn Ap classes) , reading fanfiction, and digital art drawing. i hope I can find my passion in gaming again with that mysterious one game. Black Desert look promising but can't spend the money with being scold at by my brother. Thanks FreeMmoGamer for this awesome chance of free games. Sincerely, Sera :)
  100. I have been Playing alot of Free to Play games. But Guild Wars2 is the best-for me this is the best and most important online role-playing game since Mythic's Dark Age of Camelot. ArenaNet managed to eradicate the grind-treadmill with simple but very effective attention to detail. This excursion into the fantasy theme park named Tyria, where on every corner there's a new ride to experience in form of the many things you can discover, is well worth its entry fee.
  101. I can still remember when i started my real gamer carrier, and this was some years ago. First multiplayer game that i've played was Fusion Fall, the MMORPG made by Cartoon Network (actually it is shuted down :c ). Enjoyed so much the gameplay, the graphics that made me say ,,Wow'' so much... So i started to search similary games, and i've found lot of MMORPG games, such Iris Online, Dragon Nest, Aion Online, World of Warcraft (till level 20), Blade and Soul, TERA and much much other.... In 2013 i heard from school-mates about the genre MOBA, and i was like ,, I'm not pretty sure i'll like it, but i will give it a try ''. So i started to play League of Legends (till the moment i write this review :D) and enjoyed it so much, had fun, meet new people, made new friends and other things that can't be writed because we delay the subject. Other MOBA that i've played : Heroes of the Storm, SMITE (another MOBA game that i enjoy, but not that much), Dota 2. Another style of games that attract me from the start was Card-Playing games, but not that old kind of Solitaire or Poker. Original was Yu-Gi-Oh (the anime made me buy in real life cards and play it with friends), and then Duel Monsters + Pokemon. After playing so many matches in real life, i heard that is a Yu-Gi-Oh game on the internet, called Power Of Chaos series, featuring Yugi, Joey and Kaiba. In 2014 (i think) i heard about a good card-game called Hearthstone, inspired by WoW monsters. It was in closed beta so i started to play, and in my opinion, it's one of the best card game i played (and still play). Well , this is my review about online games (and some single-player with local-multiplayer), hope someone will read this and give a try to some games from above. ~elasticus
  102. Star Conflict is a free to play third person shooter in space ships. It's not a MMO, despite the store page telling you something else. The game is a team based arena shooter where players can group together in corperations to accomplish bigger projects. Gameplay The gameplay is smooth, fast paced and leaves alot of room for tactical play. In contrast the game is very grind heavy if you wish to fly everything it has to offer. You buy spaceships and then pew pew either against other players or npc. There are 3 different factions with three different ship sizes devided into nine classes. A fourth ship size will be added soon. Each faction prefers a other style of gameplay as does each ship size or class. I'll only be going into the sizes in this review to keep it relatively short. Interceptor: small and very agile. Can relocate very quickly and generally can always be where it needs to be at a given time. Survivability is low. Frigate: large and slow. High firepower or alot of buff abilities. Survivability is high. Fighter: Medium sized and located between the two above mentioned in terms of speed and survivability. Each ship has slots for modules and weapons that you can fit to tailor the ship to your needs and playstyle. The customizability is high for a arena based shooter. The ships and modules, as well as pilot modifications are devided into 15 ranks. The higher the rank gets, the better will the ships and equipment become. It's kept simple for new players, because you will only have a small amount of modules and weapons available at the start. As you progress, more and more options will open up. In order to progress, you'll have to level the ships by playing with them. PVP The gamemode you'll be playing the most is skirmish. Players in queue will be thrown into team based matches depending on their rank. (There is much more to the matchmaking, but this would be too much for the review) The matches will have different objectives, with more opening up to you as progression comes along. More advanced and interesting pvp modes like leagues or dreadnought will be available to you as you move up the ranks. PVE Four players have to tackle a mission with set goals against npc. There are nine different missions. Until rank four you'll have access to four of them. As in PVP, you'll get more content as you progress in ranks. Such as special missions against giant alien space ships with 12-15 players vs. NPC. Free Roam A set of maps connected together by warp gates where you can either pve or pvp. Unfortunately, one and the same map can exist on multiple servers. So not every player on a particular map will be able to interact with other players on that map, because he might be on a other server. Monetization This game gets it right. No pay to win can be found here. You have your standard customization options for your ships, which can be bought for permanent use with real money or for temporary use with in game currency. There are premium modules/weapons as well as premium ammo, but these only give you more experience and let you level faster. Premium ships do not need repairs and earn more experience and income. They aren't stronger than their normal counter parts. Finally, we've got the typical premium subscription, which will boost your income and experience gain. To sum this section up, paying players will grind alot less, advance faster in the ranks, but will not have an advantage in battle. Controls Standard as in most shooters, mouse and keyboard. Keys are all fully bindable. Controllers and Oculus Rift are also supported. Graphics Nice and as good as they need to be for this type of game. They won't blow your mind, but compliment the game play and also run very well on older machines. Some maps tend to be more demanding than others. Sound The sound is good, if you ignore the random chatter the game throws at you occaisonally. "We're on the same target, shoot a missile" is neat, but after you've heard it thousands of times, it gets annoying. This can't be turned off. I do recommend playing this game with good bass and surround sound speakers. The battle sounds and explosions will be awesome. Nonetheless, they're still good with headsets or normal speakers. Conclusion with pros and cons If spaceships and shooters are your thing, this game is definitely worth a try. It is very grind heavy, even if you let your wallet do some speaking. Nonetheless, the grind does insure, that you don't unlock everything to fast and have nothing left to aspire to. It's not your type of game for spending the whole day on, it's rather for having a few quick rounds of pew pew and fun and then doing something else. Pros -free to play done right. -easy to get into, hard to master. -fast paced and action loaded pvp matches with lot of tactical depth. -good roster of ships and classes which all play differently and can be customized differently. -nice amount of pve content for a game that whas built on pvp. Cons -the grind, this game has 9 currencies and the tenth soon to come. Their purpose? Increase grind and keep you hooked longer. Could also be a good thing, depends on your view. -low player base. In some time zones, you'll have a hard time finding matches. EU and Russian are most populated. -veteran players seal clubbing in lower ranks. Fortunately, the devs are constantely working against this issue and improving it. -bad tutorials and explaining. The game doesn't do a good job on explaining it's mechaniks or importance of the ship roles as well as team work. As a result, some matches can become a real mess, if nobody is filling in their role or working in a team. Credit has to be given for the out of game tutorial vids and helpful community. I strongly recommend the forums and the vids linked by OmegaFighter in the comments. Tips from a player -find yourself an active corperation. The game is more enjoyable when working together. -do not rush the ranks. You won't know how to properly fly your ships and will get your behind whooped. -be thoughtful of your ship, its role and what modules you equip for filling that role. -be a teamplayer. Lone wolves don't get much accomplished in matches.
  103. I have been Playing alot of Free to Play games like Vega Conflict,Dota 2,Tom Clancy's EndWar Online, TOME Immortal Arena, Red Crucible Firestorm, Team Fortress 2 and even more. The fun we get from Free to Play games is not like Payed to Play. I really love Free to Play games
  104. H0r4c3
    The best free MMORPG is Neverwinter. Even better than WOW. Everything is great in Neverwinter: pvp, graphic, animations, classes, races, movements of the toons, etc.
  105. I love any game that is a part of Steam. Why? Because is easy to find. Why i think Games shouldn't be PayToWin because not many people will purchase a game unless the person get to try out the game before is released and not many people have that type of chance. Since not everyone have that type of chance, they wouldn't consider to purchase a game that they doesn't know whether it suit their type of gaming. The more importantly money is hard to earn so if we didn't get to try out those games before release we wouldn't use our hard earned money to purchase something we not sure it suit us. Am i right to say that? The next reason is , a game shouldn't be PayToWin... Why? Because if a game is PayToWin then if that player in that game is a "rich player" (using real life money) among us he will be the strongest and if the "poor player" will keep getting killed by that rich player in a PVP Zone. In the end those "poor player" wouldn't see the greatness of that game no matter how good it was created , it only let those "poor player" see this is only a PayToWin so no matter how hard the "poor player" farm or grind they wouldn't be fast enough to catch that "rich player" in game. And let see another situation what if there were 30 percent of "rich player" in the game and on another side there is 70 percent "poor player". In the end the 70 percent of the "poor player" couldn't catch up with those 30 percent of "rich player" in a PVP. They would feel left out so sooner or later they felt disgusted and they left the game. And in the end the game only left 30 percent of "rich player" so let me ask a simple question can a Gaming Company survive with 30 percent of the player spending money to keep the Company go on? The Answer is NO! The worse outcome is The Gaming Company will closed sooner or later. No matter how good the game was created. So why bother to create a troublesome life? Thinking idea and other stuff to create a good game in the end if it didn't met the requirement it still closes so isn't it being wasted of time and effort as well? Just look how many game company closes down nowadays.
  106. Survarium. A post apocalyptic game with four factions: Scaveners, Black market, the Renaissance Army and the Fringe Settlers. Each faction has its strengths and weaknesses. This is an FPS with five different game modes, Battery retrieval, research, team death match, the last stand and soon to be in game, the Free play mode. Battery Retrieval: Containers with batteries are randomly spawned on the map. Teams need to find and bring the containers to their bases. The winner is the first team to collect all containers or whichever team has more containers at their base when the allotted time is up. It is important not only to locate and recover the containers, but also to prevent the enemy from capturing them. Research: The task is to take control over units for the research of anomalous activity. Capturing and holding a point awards your team points towards research success. The winner is the first team to complete the research of anomalous activity or whichever team scores more points in the allotted time. Team Deathmatch: A classic team vs. team mode for shooters. The rules are simple: kill enemies and try not to get killed. The winner is the team that scores 100 kills first or has more kills in the allotted time. The Last Stand: The first free for all game mode in Survarium. Over the course of the match players with the fewest number of points are eliminated from the battle. Earn points by hunting other characters! But remember, that the killer steals part of the points from his victim, so play safe. Free Play Mode. PvE-mode is in development and not yet available. This mode combines elements of research, confrontation between players and survival in a hostile world. You will be able to perform faction missions, participate in random events and explore the map in search of valuable items. Leveling is slow but skill is required in this game. Although some weapons seem to be over powered. You can get many kills with the starter weapons. Using spare parts and the in game money (silver) you can upgrade your weapons and armor. Each level brings a new skill point. Firearm training, physical training, and knowledge of the forest (movement), Technical skills and medical skills will added to the game later. There are quite a few maps but each one plays differently depending on the game mode. I think survarium is, currently, the best F2P shooter currently available. I have only played for a week but i cant seem to stop playing. Give it a try.
  107. (Spellweaver) New CCG that compete with HEX MMO and MTG Those that like to play MTG and HEX MMO will mostly like to play this game. It is a card game that have the mechanics that are similar to MTG and HEX MMO but it also add its new things into it to make it special. First it add up "speed" for creatures. There are total 4 level of speed for creatures in the game. The speed will affect the way it attack or block. Higher speed creature got advantage in attacking and blocking because creature only able to attack and block those creature that same or lower speed than itself. Every deck will consist of 1 hero which got its special ability. Beside that, there are some card that will add in new skill into hero in the match. Some skill will give you a unit into field, some will give your unit stronger in attack/HP. This is really a "free to play" game and not "paid to pawn" There are 6 factions. At start, it will let you choose 1 of the faction and give you that faction starter deck. After that, you can doing the daily quest to earn gold. With that gold, you able to buy pack to increase your card collection. Your profile also got level and each 5 level they will give you a faction starter deck for free so in when you reach level 25, you will own all the 6 factions starter deck. Everytime you reach a new level, they will either reward you with gold that enough for buying 1-2 pack, some level will open out a new special quest for you to get more gold when complete it. Everyday, there are several quest for you to complete to earn more gold so there is possible to get all the card without spending money. (I just start to play about 1 month, and I already own 4 faction starter deck and 2/3 of the collection already. Other very rare card can also obtain by crafting. The game also have the generous quest system which giving quite a lot of game when complete a simple task such as playing 4 quick battle to opponent and you will earn about 2000 gold. (new pack cost 12,500 gold) It got tournament and ranked leaderboards. Every month those top rank will reward with gold and pack. While you can also take part in tournament which will also reward you when you win it. Overall, those that like Card game should try this game, really worth it.
  108. I played such games lifetime,I see an experience to fight, have fun with friends, the challenge of not only play with a NPC, there are very good and fun games.
  109. I've been playing mostly CSGo. To me CSGO is like favorite competetive game out there. It's fun and strategical. Also i played some buy to play games like risk of rain, terraria and a few more. Honestly risk of rain and terraria are by far my favorite sandbox rpg. Good luck to y'all
  110. I've played a lot of games in my past years and they were years well spent I guess hahahaha, but World of Warships (Closed Beta) and Armoured Warfare (Closed Alpha) are probably my two favourite games. However, with the new release of Dreadnought, I'm starting to like it better than the other. Grey Box Games were nice enough to give me an Alpha key and the game seems promising. If you haven't already checked out the game or even heard of it, you should search it up. It holds a lot of promise and has the same game mechanics as Armoured Warfare and World of Warships, except that it's pretty much in space and weapons and so on are a bit more different. They're pretty much a grinding game, so you are required to spend a bit of time playing the game just to level up your ships/tanks. -Qstxzz
  111. I've played Tera Online, It was really good with the quests and the effects but I'm not into MMORPG anymore, then I played dirty bomb, this game remind me of the call of duty time I spent during 2008-2010.
  112. I played a lot of games in my life, range from free to play to buy to play. But, nowadays, i just go for the free to plays, since playing with massive amount of players from all around the world feels much more challenging and more fun. But some those free to play eventually get ruin due the difference between free players and pay players. And, in the end that become a pay to win game. But, one mmorpg doesn't do pay to win, they only make players use their online currency to buy costumes and boosters for experience. that's right, im talking about PSO2. that game is truly free to play with minimum pay to win. the game is all about how skillfully the players are and about to build thier characters, and the masteries of thier different class. plus, it's really fun ^w^
  113. I heard this site before...thinking it just another promo site...but it was something better...its gives all the info and games for experience with this site was wonderful and enjoying much..thanks freeMmogamer..will surely come back for more..
  114. There are many MMO games I like out there, but mainly I like but I will list three of my favourites, 1. World of tanks This is the game that truly got me into the MMO section of video games. I've been playing the game for 3 years now and I have loved every bit of it. The variation between the matches is so big that you just never know whats going to happen, and who's going to do what. 2.World of Warships When this game came out from the developers at Wargaming; I was very excited. I'm a bit fan of war games, either it be tanks, planes or warships. This game (to me) nailed the warships down quite well. The game is smooth and graphically beautiful and well detailed. Like World of Tanks, each match will and can be different. Which only adds to the fun of the game. 3.WarThunder Finally we have arrived at this wonder of a game, I don't play this as often as i'd like. However this game is beautiful and very well detailed, everything is HD and quite realistic, even in Arcade mode. The developers at Gaijin really busted their rears on this game and I respect them for it, the aircraft dog fights and ground attacks are amazing to take part in. However, there are some parts of the game that need working on still as there are sometimes big glitches in the game. (mainly in the Ground forces section of the game) but it is easy to work around and still enjoy the game. I hope everyone has the best of luck in the give away! Have a nice day everyone!
  115. TheChimpyMan
    I remember back more than a decade ago, when free-to-play usually meant a swarm of terrible, Korean World of Warcraft knock-offs. Then developers slowly discovered this weird pagan ritual - "effort." These days I am surprised that some of these freebies manage to be as good as some full retail games, and I've even found myself spending some real cash on a few F2P games as a way of tipping - they earned it for being solid and rewarding as well as not treating new/free players like complete crap and actually giving them a fair chance.
  116. First up will be ArcheAge All I have to say is if you read the details about owning a house and such, do not get into this game. Land is very limited and though a very few say they have seen land open, many players have not. You will be required to wait a min. of 2 weeks to get land, at which point thousands of other players will be vying for that same piece of land, and since there is a time on when the land dies out, everyone will know when to get ready, so it will be a luck shot if you grab a piece. Questing is questing. No good or bad. Trading..You will more than likely need a farm....Good luck, land as stated above is a problem.
  117. Nice !!! Freetoplay is a good économique system for people choice jsut play free or buy prenium for more XP ect... guildWar 2,firefall,Wildstar and Tera is a very good mmo freetoplay
  118. I played some F2P games.... In each one I found very nice communities and nice people but the only one thing I hate is that every F2P game is a pay to win... I don't know about others but still if I have money for games I never wanted to pay just to be better than others because I can pay , this is not the right way for a F2P game .I don't know if I'll win something but I want to precise: I love Assassin's Creed serie ( but my computer can't r u need Unity) and AC Black Flag is the best one :))
  119. Free to play game are great if done right for example firefall it's a open world mmo where you explore with friends or by yourself, leveling up and earning new skills how ever there are micro transaction that allow to jump to the next frame which is a cool feature but does not add pay to win since you can not buy any special frames just ones you can unlock. Then you have free to plays like ArcheAge where buying a subscription literally needed because as a free to player you chew up your labour faster then you can earn it. pay to win kills any game for people that can not afford or not willing to pay not just free to play but it is easier to kill free to play games with pay to win features.
  120. The only game I want is ark survival... But the game is still in development. I also like far cry primal.. I heard that game is really good. Then there's, Scrap mechanics that can look interesting I'm voicing my opinion please bear with me so many games to choose from but I pick from the ark survival, far cry primal... Hear hoping for the giveaway
  121. Free to play games are really fun to play but the most of them requires you to pay over powered items and/or subscription to be better and to unlock stuff way more faster than a regular account would without a subscription. I've played alot of free to play games but i will mention only two War Thunder : War thunder used to be very good game, the graphics are really well made and it can run on low end PCs. I have played it for countless hours ! The devs decided with each major update to make stuff more and more hard to unlock with the replacement of XP by Research points, or that you need to unlock five vehicles of a tier to go to the next tier is very bad and grindy. To be able to unlock stuff you need to get Premium (a subscription) to gain more Research points and in game currency. Armored warfare : This game so far is awsome. The devs always listen to its player base and releases free content often. You do not need to get "premium" (subscription) to unlock vehicles faster or to gain more credits. Most of the vehicles in game are balanced even tho the artillery system is very annoying. Armored Warfare could be an example to other Free to play games. - iHellcat

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