Remember when GOG was just Good Old Games and sold nothing but, well, old games that were good. How times have changed. Now Good Old Games is known simply as GOG and sells games of any shape and form, all DRM free.

The site, run by the Witcher developers, CD Projekt Red, turns 10 this week, and to celebrate, they’re giving away copies of Shadow Warrior 2, a game that is good, but not really all that old. It came out in 2016.

Shadow Warrior 2 is a over-the-top first person shooter/kill-demons-with-a-sword game. The game was chosen to be free through a user pole with that included Superhot and Firewatch as well. To make anyone who voted for those games feel better, they’re on sale. Firewatch is 75% off, and Superhot is 50%.

Head on over to GOG for all the goodies.

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