On May 25th, Gravity Interactive will be ceasing operations of a bunch of their games in Europe, including Ragnarok Online, and its sequel Ragnarok Online 2, as well as Dragon Saga and Rose Online, but there are also a bunch of other games affected. Just take a look at Gravity Interactive’s steam page.

Of course, you may be wondering, “why would they do such a thing?” Well, it just so happens that May 25th also just so happens to be the day that Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (or the GDPR) goes into effect. This regulation changes the ways in which companies are able to collect and use user data.

Other companies, such as Slack and Google have already started to change the way in which it utilizes that user data, even allowing people to download said data.

The Verge has a nice write-up on the GDPR if you want to know more.

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