Arenanet is rolling out an update today for Guild Wars 2 that is focused on making gathering a little better and customization so that when you’re digging for potatoes, you’re really digging it.

From a customization angle, gathering tools can be customized in the wardrobe. This is account-wide and  applies to both the limited tools and the permanent ones you can buy through the gem store.

There’s also a new upgrade system for gathering tools: glyphs. Much like runes, gathering tools will have a slot where you can input a glyph, and these glyphs – depending on their type – will grant additional resources when gathering, including:

  • Glyph of the Tailor: Gain a 33% chance to receive bonus cloth scraps.
  • Glyph of the Leatherworker: Gain a 33% chance to receive bonus leather scraps.
  • Glyph of Industry: Gathering completes 50% faster.
  • Glyph of Flight: Increases movement speed for 5 seconds after gathering completes.

For a limited time, you can pick up a free Black Lion Glyph Selection Container. These contain one of the above glyphs. They can also be found in regular Black Lion Chests, and can be traded and sold on the auction house.

For more about the gathering update, visit the official site.


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