The previous Guild Wars 2 Living Story episode got hot, but this new one is bringing the temperature down a bit. A Crack in the Ice, the 3rd Episode of Living Story Season 3, arrives November 21st, and to get you primed, here’s a fancy trailer.

While the lava is churning down in the Ring of Fire, frigid air is blowing from the north, signaling not one but two dragon threats. On top of the new story content, there’s also a new fractal coming that takes us back to the Tower of Nightmare, the nightmarish tower than sprung up in Kessex hills some years ago.

And on top of all this, GW2 is currently 50% off until November 22nd, so if you’re growing wearing of playing the game for free, there you go. Also, if you’ve been away from GW2 for a while, you can log on now and acquire the 2nd one for free. Unfortunately you’re on your own for the 1st though.


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