Guild Wars 2’s newest expansion, Path of Fire, has finally been revealed. It will feature the Crystal Desert, a location familiar to many people who played the first Guild Wars. 250 years later, and the region will be split into five new zones. Game Director Mike O’Brien says it’s the largest piece of landmass they’ve shipped.

It’s fortunate, then, that players will get to saddle up with a new mount feature. Those will even be usable in the old zones, too. Each mount will have a specific movement ability attached to it as well, allowing certain mounts to access areas available only to it. Each mount also has a single ability that engages you into combat. Mounts themselves don’t fight, but they can help you fight.

Of course, the downside is that while Guild Wars 2 does have a free-to-play element, the expansion does have a price tag. Although ArenaNet seems to have listened to player criticism that the first expansion was too costly. This has a price tag of $30 for the standard edition.

And on top of that, ArenaNet is also hosting a free preview weekend prior to the expansion’s release. Log on between August 11 and 13th to check out some of the PvE content of the Crystal Desert.

The Path of Fire hub site also has a ton of information on the expansion.

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