Thanks to a recent Guild Wars 2 update, players can now peek inside most loot containers to get a preview of the item’s loot table.

To get an idea of the treasures about to be revealed, all you need to do is right click a container and select preview. There, you’ll be able to see everything in the container’s loot table separated by rarity. The exact percentage to gain a specific item isn’t show, but it’s safe to assume that rare items are going to be rarer than common items.

This update includes Black Lion Chests, the game’s store-bought container with all sorts of rare items to attain. On top of that, this recent patch also updates the Black Lion Chests themselves. Expect to find seasonal items now that rotate whenever the winds shift. Boosters have been removed from the loot table all together, and every chest will contain a convenience item and an item that upgrades your account in some way. There’s a wardrobe item now, too, for looking spiffy.

These changes, and a few more, are all laid out in patch notes form on the Guild Wars 2’s forums.

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