Arenanet dropped by PAX this weekend to let attendees know that the next episode of the 3rd season of Guild Wars 2’s living story would arrive on September 20th.

Not only is the update coming much sooner than most people anticipated (Arenanet had previously told players to expect living story updates roughly every three months), but it’s also taking players to a location that’s likely to be quite near and dear to them if they played the first Guild Wars: the Ring of Fire Islands.

The new zone, located within the islands, is called Ember Bay, and builds upon what was established in both story and structure of the previous story episode as well as Heart of Thorns. Expect your gliding masteries to come into play here, and expect to see where the story goes next. The September 20th release date also means that the 19th is the last day you can log into Guild Wars 2 to unlock episode 1 for free.

Renown Hearts will also be making a return straight out of vanilla Guild Wars 2. Instead one time “quests,” these will be repeatable each day, and will get you some decent rewards in the process.

The Ring of Fire update will also bring to Guild Wars 2 a new PvP map. All in all, seems like a pretty solid haul.

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