The second episode of Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 3 is here. Rising Flames marks the return to the familiar location of the Ring of Fire, which will be well known to virtually anyone who spent time with the first Guild Wars. But what would the Ring of Fire be without the mursaat? They’re back, too, sewing all sorts of evil.

Arenanet has this little bit of description to help set the stage for Rising Flames:

Legate Minister Caudecus has escaped, the ancient mursaat Lazarus the Dire has risen, and the Elder Dragon Primordus stirs under Tyria’s feet. With little time to recover following the death of Mordremoth, the Commander and their allies must work quickly to find anything they can leverage against the new threats. But who can you trust?

In addition to the new story bits found in new story missions, the update also brings along with it a new PvP game mode, the eternal coliseum, a tribute to ancient gladiatorial combat.

The update also brings along “updates to World vs. World scoring, Fractals of the Mists, and structured Player vs. Player game modes.”

All this, and it arrived a month or two before anyone expected.

Happy Day.

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