Gwent’s closed beta is well under way, and what would a closed beta be if CD Projekt Red didn’t add new content. This time around, the guys behind the Witcher 3’s card game has added a new faction, the Nilfgaard.

With the new faction comes new mechanics to boot. The Nilfgaard excels at revealing cards in the opponents’ hand. Nilfgaard players can also control the order of cards in their opponent’s decks, use “disloyal” units, and commit other sneaky acts to help them win.

The update brings in 60 new cards in total, and they’re not even all Nilfgaard cards. Some of them are for a few of the other factions as well.

You can check out the patch notes, right over here, and if you’ve not yet been invited to the game’s closed beta, you can still sign up for that, too.

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