CDProjekt Red is calling it Homecoming. They’re narrowing down on Gwent‘s release, and need some time to focus entirely on making the game all it can be, six months to be exact.

Don’t expect too many updates during this time frame, but rest assured that CDProject Red is doubling down to make sure that Gwent hits the ground running when it comes out. They have a pretty lengthy listen of goals they want to tackle. Some of them are huge, like redesigning the entire visual experience to ensure that cards and premium versions of those cards are at the forefront.

They’re also wanting to refocus the game to reminiscence The Witcher more. Meaning, they want the game to have a darker mood and aesthetic.

Perhaps the biggest addition, though, is that Gwent will be launching with Thronebreaker, the single player campaign.

Read more about CDProject Red’s plans on the official site.

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