On March 28th, Gwent is being stricken with Crimson Curse, the game’s first expansion since its October launch. It’s quote appropriate that the predominate color of this expansion is red, because it’s all about those sparkly vampires. Okay, maybe they don’t sparkle, but they still suck blood, as any self-respecting vampire would.

For anyone interested in the lore angle of things: “A dark ritual performed by a mighty higher vampire Dettlaff turns the moon blood red, corrupting the land and its inhabitants. No one is safe and there’s nowhere to run — new breeds of monsters are awaking from their slumber, thirsting for blood.”

For the rest of us, there are 100 new cards, including 31 neutral and 14 faction cards per each faction.

Check out the trailer below, or head over to the official site for a few cards (more to be revealed soon).


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