Secret World Legends today welcomes Halloween, which will run from now until the 31st.

Samhain 2017 – as they’re calling it – will allow players to collect exclusive mounts, pets, and costumes. When they’re bored with that, they can participate in a killer public raid and solve some new missions.

Of course, Halloween in Secret World would not be the same without Jack, but worry not, he’s back for another go at it. Once an hour, a portal opens to a 40-person raid, and since the encounter is normalized through the Equal Footing effect, anyone can step through the portal and help out. You only have to have reached Jack Boone in the main story.

There are also a few login rewards. Log in at any point during the event for a Geist Rider mount. and each day, you earn a Jack-O-Lantern which you open by participating in the Jack event mentioned above.

Check out the official site for more on the update.

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