The rise of the Halloween events continues with Paladins‘ very own All Hallow’s Evie, which includes an assortment of holiday-themed skins. Specifically, Evie herself is getting a witch skin, Mal’Damba is getting a wickerman skin, and Strix receives a raven skin.

Other cosmetics include a Nightmare mount and a blaster for Pip that turns enemies into ghost chickens. All you have to do to acquire Evie’s skin is to buy a LIttle Box of Horrors which contains hers and others. Those interested in Mal’Damba’s Wickerman skin must purchase them separately, but if you do, you get a special quest, so that’s a plus.

On top of all these skins, the Halloween update also includes a brand new Onslaught map by the name of Foreman’s Rise. check out the video of that below, and if you want any more info on the patch, check out the official notes.


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