Quests are a new type of card coming to Hearthstone when the game’s next expansion, Journey to Un’goro, launches next month. They show up in your opening hand (though you can mulligan them away if you so choose), and once played, they embark you on a quest. Complete the quest and you shall receive a reward.

The blog post not only shows off some of the new quests and rewards, it also details how their design came about. The idea for quests was originally tossed around when Whispered of the Old Gods launched last year, and when the team finally decided to include them in the Un’goro expansion, there was some iterating to be done. The original form of quests never left the player’s hand, so when they finally played their awesome reward, opponents were left a little jaded that they never saw it coming. That’s when Blizzard decided to have quests be visible to all, similar to secrets.

But you can read more about the design process, as well as glimpse a few of the quests themselves, over on the blog.

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