Hearthstone’s mammoth (care of the Year of the Mammoth) will be making its first stop in Un’goro when the new season of Hearthstone begins in “early April.”

The video touches on a few of the features new to the expansion, notably legendary spells in the form of Quests. Quests are 1-mana spells that show up in your opening hand, and once played, they allow you embark upon a quest. The Priest one shown in the video tasks Anduin with playing seven deathrattle minions, and once they do, they earn the Legendary Minion, Amara, Warden of Hope. Playing her will set the Priest’s life to 40.

As expected, there’s also a new keyword, one that allows minions to Adapt, or in other words, choose between 1 of 3 discovered buffs, out of a total pool of 10.

Lastly, they’re adding the Elemental tribe, and, yes, any preexisting card that was the least-bit elemental will be given the label retroactively, including the fan-favorite, Magma Rager.

There’s not much to really show, yet, but Blizzard plans to start gradually revealing cards in two weeks leading up to the April release. You can read more about the reveal here, though.

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