Well, Small-Time Buccaneer, you had fun. Now it’s time for you to forever disappear onto the bench of nerfed Hearthstone cards. Here, take these Spirit Claws with you, too.

That’s right, the 7.1 patch for Hearthstone – teased off and on for the past couple weeks – is now out in the wild. With it comes the nerfs to Small-Time Buccaneer (which had its health cut in half, 2 to 1) and Spirit Claws (which had its mana cost doubled from 1 to 2.) Those might sound smalls, but they’ll probably make the cards all but unplayable.

7.1 also brings the changes to Arena, teased last week. It’s now Standard, instead of Wild, and they’ve tweaked the rarity spread of the average arena deck.

Also included is the pre-purchase for the Un’goro expansion, and rank floors for ranked play (you can no longer drop below ranks 20, 15, 10, 5, and legend once you’ve reached that point.)

For the full scoop, check out the patch notes.

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