Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, is now live – or shall we say unlive – in the US. Those of you in Europe and Asia, though, will have to wait till tomorrow to buddy up with the LIch King.

All in all, Knights of the Frozen Throne brings 135 cards to Hearthstone, including the class, “Death Knight” cards. These will transform your hero into a Death Knight variant, giving you some armor, echoing out a battlecry, and changing your hero power to something a bit neater. The expansion also grants a keyword to a mechanic that already existed in Hearthstone to some degree, Lifesteal. These cards will heal you an amount equal to the damage you do.

And though Hearthstone has said bye-bye to full-blown adventures, Knights of the Frozen Throne will feature a smaller collection of single player missions that will unlock on a weekly basis.

And as per norm, if you log into the game now you’ll receive three free packs. This offer expires October 31st.

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