Heroes & Generals, the free-to-play WW2 shooter that resided in early access for well over two years, is now officially out.

Those two years were good to the game, too. It’s launched with a nice assortment of content, including 60 weapons and 65 vehicles. And all that warring you’ll be doing with all that gear won’t be for naught, either. There’s an overall game at play in Heroes & Generals. Battles affect the war, and the war is governed by generals, but it is the heroes who put their feet on the ground and raise their guns into the air. Get the title?

And of course, just like any good online game,this is only the beginning, or so the game director, Jacob Andersen, says:

We have been working on the game for several years, and we look forward to continuing our work with expanding the game and the experience, adding features and content with regular updates for many years to come. This is only the beginning.

Head on over to Steam to download the game, or the official site to learn more.

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