A new patch for Blizzard Entertainment’s free-to-play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, hit the live servers yesterday.

Among some other additions, Heroes of the Storm now has both a new hero. Alarak, and a new battleground, Braxis Holdout. The new map certainly reminds us that Heroes of the Storm started out as a custom map for Starcraft 2 and seems straight out of that game. It also goes to display how neglected StarCraft has been in battleground representation.


Alarak, the new hero, is – unlike most other Protoss – quite mouthy, and hails from a sect of the alien race that makes no attempts what-so-ever to abide by the Khala, their traditional religion. On the gameplay side, Alarak is a melee assassin and deals increased damage to enemy heroes.


On top of the new battleground and the new hero, Heroes of the Storm has a new event running allowing players to earn a stim-pack a day if they complete the requirements of collecting items while in game.

Aside from those juicy highlights, the patch also has its own bevy of updates and balance changes. You can peruse the patch notes if you want the full scoop.

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