At the end of last year, Blizzard announced that they’d be scaling back on Heroes of the Storm. Since then, updates have slowed, but they’re still happening. The King of Stormwind himself, Anduin, had a thing or two to say about that when he waltzed into the Nexus this past week.

Of course, he’s the first new hero since January after the game had been on a schedule of releasing a new one about every three weeks, so the cadence has definitely slowed down, but fortunately, the game is far from dead. It’s just actually getting content at a reasonable pace instead of ridiculous unsustainable speeds.

Of course, Anduin is a healer. Anything else would be blasphemy. Anyone familiar with Priests from WoW will instantly recognize his kit. He even has Leap of Faith.

Check out the patch notes for more.

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