Starting December 11th, and running until January 7th, Heroes of the Storm’s holiday event offers up plenty of goodies for those players intrepid enough to go for them.

All together, there are two new legendary skins, a new epic skin, new mounts, a new event, and your typical assortment of avatars and such. If you’ve ever wondered what Stitches would look like as a teddy bear, then wait no longer. That’s one of the legendary skins, and it comes in three color variants. The other legendary turns Dehaka into a dinosaur. For anyone who wants to ride around in plush style, there are new legendary plush mounts. Valeera also gets a new epic skin, and there are new epic mounts, too.

Last but not least, the new single-player quest. It’s a board game. Check out the official page for more.

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