More than a decade ago, Alterac Valley was the go-to place in World of Warcraft for weekend-long battles. Fast-forward to today, and Blizzard is introducing a new Heroes of the Storm map based on the classic battleground. The map will be out June 19th.

There’s also a new hero, the Draenei Paladin Yrel, due out June 12th.

And since Alterac Valley was also about the Horde and Alliance duking it out, when the new battleground releases, you’ll be able to also pick up new Horde and Alliance themed skins to show you support for either faction, such as Spirit Healer Auriel and Warsong Johanna.

And of course, as is the case with any big update, there’s also a quest with rewards like portraits, banners, and mounts.

Check out the official hub site for more info.

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