The next map to join Heroes of the Storm’s roster will be none other than an Overwatch-inspired take on Hanamura, and judging by the video above, it adds some pretty fresh new mechanics to the game.

Much like another HotS map, Towers of Doom, neither your or the enemy’s core can be attacked directly. In order to win, your team must escort payloads to a destination. They won’t move on their own and require three escorts to reach full speed, and if nobody is escorting the payload at all, it’ll move slowly backward. It’s quite similar to how payloads work in Overwatch, and a funny fact, the Hanamura map in Overwatch doesn’t have payloads at all.

The cores themselves have seven hitpoints, and each payload deals one damage, but that damage can be amplified by capturing enemy bases, much like Towers of Doom. Ther’s also a boss in the center of the map that deals damage to the enemy core once defeated.

Three other mercenaries can be found on the map, too, and they all drop different items to be used as desired. The scouts drop something that will allow you to detect nearby enemies. The fortification camp will give you a turret that can be placed anywhere on the map, including on top of the payload. The last mercenary camp will give you a heal that can be used at will to regenerate the health of you and your allies.

Hanamura is now up on the 2.0 PTR for testing, so it’ll probably migrate its way to the live servers within a couple weeks.

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