Blizzard announced the next Heroes of the Storm character to make its way into the game. Blaze, teased in the video at the bottom of this post, is a veteran firebat who has come to the Nexus to do what he does best: Light it up.

Blizzard hasn’t given any specific details yet as to the specific skill set of the hero, but we definitely know that Blaze will be focused on dishing out AoE damage from his flamethrowers and that he will release in January 2018.

The Youtube description is about all we have to go on so far.

We’re cranking up the heat in the Nexus with our newest Hero – Blaze, Veteran Firebat. Joining the roster in January 2018, Blaze is a dual-incinerator cannon wielding Warrior who excels at area-of-effect damage and locking down an area of the battlefield. Get ready to fire it up!

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