The next hero to be released for Blizzard’s free-to-play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, has taken a much-needed break from gathering resources for the Protoss in order to fight it out in the nexus.

But some habits do in fact die hard. Probius, as he likes to be called, can use his trait to call down pylons, up to two, and can then place a  photon cannon near those pylons. One of his ultimates even allows him to make those pylons become more powerful and attack enemies. The other ultimate projects a field that slows and damages enemies.

His other two abilities also work well in conjunction with each other, Warp Rift and Disruption Pulse. Fire a pulse into a rift, and it goes kaboomie.  The rift also slows and the pulse also damages.

You can read more about the upcoming hero at the official site.

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