After practically abandoning the game some years ago and then deciding to inexplicably showing it some love this summer, Hi-Rez has updated Tribes Ascend with its final patch, dubbed “Parting Gift.”

These parting gifts, as it were, are primarily balance changes and bug fixes. The update comes about six weeks after Tribes Ascend’s creative director, Sean McBride, parteded ways with Hi-Rez.

At the time he said:

As most know, the Tribes IP has been near and dear to me as a gamer and a developer and I’m greatly saddened to leave it behind. I don’t know what the future holds for Tribes: Ascend, but before I departed we planned a small patch. Everett will follow up about that in the near future. Thanks everybody for the feedback and working with us closely over the last few patches. I greatly enjoyed my time working on Tribes: Ascend both before, and after the ‘Out of the Blue’ patch.

Out of the Blue being the patch released over the summer, the first in many, many moons.

While this might be the last major patch for Tribes Ascend, Hi-Rez does intend to keep supporting the game for the foreseeable future with any bug fixes or balance changes it might require.

For anyone interested in seeing a full list of changes included in Parting Gift, there’s a Google Doc for that.

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