Hi-Rez has added a brand new difficulty to Smite’s Shadows of Hercopolis adventure, and to celebrate, they’re hosting a slew of community challenges, complete with prizes.

Just form up a team of three and reap the benefits. Of course, you have to be good, and the prizes for hard mode have already been claimed. But if you are somehow able to make it through nightmare mode, then the first place team will each get 8000 gems and 10 skin codes. Second, third, fourth, and fifth aren’t left in the cold, but their rewards aren’t nearly as juicy.


  • First Place: 8,000 Gems and 10 skin codes for each player
  • Second Place: 6,000 Gems and 8 skin codes for each player
  • Third Place: 4,000 Gems and 6 skin codes for each player
  • Fourth Place: 3,000 Gems and 4 skin codes for each player
  • Fifth Place: 1,000 Gems and 2 skin codes for each player

You can read more about the community challenges here.


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