In a letter to the community yesterday, Blizzard’s new CEO, J. Allen Brack announced that they’d be putting an end to Heroes of the Storm‘s HGC and Heroes of the Dorm esports events and that they were moving a number of devs off of the project and onto other games. Brack also mentioned that Blizzard had more unannounced projects in the works than ever before.

Though it may read as though Blizzard just took HotS out back to put it out of its misery, that’s not really the case. The game will still be receiving plenty of updates as before. It’s just now the cadence will change. So don’t expect a new hero every three weeks (which admittedly is pretty crazy).

This news evidently came to a shock to many people, casters and players alike, but HotS always had limited appeal compared to other MOBAs, specifically the two elephants in the room (Dota 2 and LoL).

You can read the full message from Brack here, and production director, Kaéo Milker had his own message earlier today.

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