Infinity Wars is one of the many strategic CCGs (collectible card games) out in the world, it lies currently in beta, but competes with a broad many similar games, and looks to hit its very own dedicated fanbase even beyond it’s beta stages. This progress was made much clearer with Infinity Wars: Reborn pushing a massive new addition of content to the game.

This content will include a new world for the games extensive campaign mode, as well as puts together a pvp mode for players, along with plenty of new cards to play.

The game is also furthering its support of the competitive scene, and competitive success in its players, by incorporating decks for starters that were built by one of the games very own highly ranked combatants. These decks allow for new players to step into the game with a good basis for what they should be doing, and allows for a great point to build beyond and customize to your own liking and playstyle, something crucial to any great card game.

While these decks are being included as DLC, they earn their worth as both great starting off points, and value purchases to get a grasp for a new style of play.

With this push of content Infinity Wars makes bounds forth in the intense competition of MMO CCG’s.

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