Digital Extremes (makers of Warframe) are hard at work on another game. Formerly known as Keystone, The Amazing Eternals mixes two popular gaming trends: hero shooters and cards.

Truthfully, I didn’t even know that Keystone was a development codename. Considering that Warframe is also a one-word titled game, I just assumed Keystone was here to stay. I assumed wrong. Still, though, The Amazing Eternals fits the game’s retro 50s sci-fi aesthetic. Not that that’s really the only aesthetic in the game. The game’s nature as a magical board game (think Jumanji) means that it can mix various styles, but as long as they’re all retro and campy, we’re golden.

Check out the game for yourself when it launches into closed beta in a couple weeks, on August 29th. You can sign up for yourself on the official site, or when that date draws close, you’ll also have the chance to become a founder for instant access.


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