The next patch for Heroes of the Storm is now live on the PTR until December 12th. With comes the Firelord himself, Ragnaros, as a playable hero (of the storm).

Ragnaros’s trait allows him to latch onto a friendly fort or a destroyed enemy one and purge the insects around him with copious amounts of fire. He gains more health while in this form (and  a new assortment of abilities). That health gradually depletes over 18 seconds, and when it’s gone, he reverts back to his normal mode.

Also included in the patch is a rework to the map Haunted Mines map in which players collect skulls in order spawn a Golem to assault their enemies. Golem spawns are now fixed and they will switch lanes each time that they are spawned. The mine layout has been revised, and there are two additional entrances, for a total of 4. Plus there’s a new mercenary camp.

There’s also a new event coming, Winter Veil 2016, and some changes to ranked play for season 3. And of course, no patch would be complete without balance changes. You can read more about those on the official notes.

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