This weekend, from September 28th to October 2nd, you get to choose whether you’ll be the Law, or the Breakers in Bosskey’s gravity-defying arena shooter with heroic elements, LawBreakers. It’s a game that’s trying its best to bridge the cross between classic shooters such as Unreal Tournament and the new wave of hero shooters that everyone is clamoring for (just wait until the Battle Royale game with hero shooter elements).

Of course, it’s been well documented that despite most people agreeing that LawBreakers ain’t so shabby, the game hasn’t exactly done well since its release. The last 30 days have seen an average player count of under 200 players. So it stands to reason that CliffyB and BossKey are doing what they can to breathe life into the game’s community since it does seem as though most players prefer to stay out of law enforcement and criminality altogether.

You can see a trailer for the upcoming event below.

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