Path of Exile’s May Flashback Event is just around the corner, from May 5th to May 29th. The event will rotate 11 mods from past leagues.

There will be plenty to do – and buy, from microtransactions to mystery boxes.

How the event will work is that each area has a random 3 mods that rotate on an hourly basis. There 11 mods are: Bestiary are Anarchy, Invasion, Breach, Ambush, Torment, Perandus, Beyond, Nemesis, Bloodlines, Abyss and Harbinger.

Reach level 35, and you receive a Sin and Innocence Mystery Box, but there’s only one of those per account. There are other cosmetic rewards based on level achieved, up to 85.

For an FAQ, and more on the rewards, visit the official site.

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