The wildly popular League of Legends, one of the biggest online video games in existence, has implemented its newest game mode, known as Siege Mode. The game mode’s first period of inclusion, July 15th to 18th, is coming to a close. The plans are to reintroduce the game mode from July 22nd to July 25th, as part of Riot’s newest rotation content concept. So what does Nexus Siege Mode involve?

Nexus Siege Mode involves the same setup of lanes and players of a traditional 5 vs 5 Summoners Rift League of Legends game, however, changes when it comes to the format and goals of the game.

For Nexus Siege Mode, the player will be prompted to join one of two teams. These two teams share opposite goals, one to destroy a nexus, the other to defend it. For these goals, the players are given the opportunity to purchase a multitude of various siege equipment options, both used for defense and aggression. To afford these siege tools, the players must collect Crystal Shards both over time and by kills.

This implementation is part of a series of the type from Riot, and allow for diversity in the MOBA that few other games of the genre can echo. League of Legends continues to head in a wonderful creative direction, allowing its playerbase to experience more different game types, all unique and interesting, still for the same old price of: Free.

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