League of Legends 2016 season has come and gone, and the 2017 one is still a little ways away. As such, enter the pre-season, the perfect time for Riot to change up the game.


6.22 brings some adjustments to assassins and their items as well as stealth mechanics. Talon, Katarina, LeBlanc, Rengar, Fizz, Kha’zix, Akali, Zed, Ekko, and Shaco have all had some substantial changes. The official patch notes has all the specific details and nifty overview videos for you to sink your teeth into.

Stealth has now been split into two primary types, camouflage, and invisibility. Camouflage is stealth as you know it, and can be used to cross the map and hop between lanes. Turrets, wards, and champions can reveal a camouflaged character. Invisibility has a much shorter duration and can really only be used tactically, but it’s stronger and only turrets can reveal invisibility.

Then there’s shimmer, a way in which camouflaged or invisible champions can be briefly revealed. You just have to nail them with a skill-shot or clip them with an AoE effect. Then they’ll be revealed for a brief second,giving you a hint that they’re there.

There are also huge changes to the jungle, and jungling, as well as items in general. Refer to the patch notes for all that.

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