The Bloodharbor Ripper will soon be tearing it up in League of Legends, or Pike as he is also known. It’s what his mom called him – she refused too call him Bloodharbor Ripper during his teenage years.

Fast forward a few years, and Pyke drowned at sea, but then, as all the best drowned spirits do, Pyke came back with revenge in his eyes – and seaweed. With his newfound lease on life, Pyke realized that he could live out the fantasy that his mother had denied him, and hence, the Bloodharbor Ripper was born.

His sole goal in life now is to kill all the people who’s wronged him. He’s jotted all those names down on a list, and will be checking it twice.

Pyke is something new to League, a support assassin. He’s pretty helpful to have around, like most supports, but he’s also keen on killin’. His ult will grant full gold and kill credit to the last champion that assisted him in the takedown.

So not only is Pyke bent on killing everyone who’s crossed him, he’s a pretty cool dude to the other people on his team.

Check out the official page for a preview of all that is Pyke.


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