The time has come. First, there was the original Auto Chess that exploded all over Steam, and then it went to mobile in a standalone version. Then Valve entered the scene and said, “It’s our turn!” with Underlords, and now League of Legends has released their own Auto Chess variant, Teamfight Tactics, on league’s Public Beta Environment (PBE).

If the other two Auto Chesses haven’t tickled your fancy, but this one – for whatever reason – does, then all you have to do is hop onto the PBE and wait in queue for a few hours to check it out. You do have to sign up for the PBE, and have a League account that’s in good standing and at an honor level of 3 or higher.

If you’d rather wait for the wide release, expect Teamfight Tactics to hit the live realms by the end of the month.

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